InvoiceFinance reaches €100M milestone in business loans: 5 things to know about the Dutch FinTech startup

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InvoiceFinance, a FinTech startup has announced recently to have marked a milestone of, € 100 million in corporate lending. Founded in 2016, InvoiceFinance received a capital injection of € 6 million which included Peak Capital, known Catawiki and IENS and Kalo Bagijn, co-founder of BinckBank and Brand New Day in 2017.

Covers a wider spectrum

For the uninitiated, InvoiceFinance is a Dutch startup whereby entrepreneurs can seek business loans ranging from € 5,000 to € 1 million. It has the capital for everyone, from smaller to larger fishes in the ocean.

An alternate mode of funding

Last week, InvoiceFinance turned barely two years old, and the establishment has provided a total of more than € 100 million provided to business loans. The distribution accelerated in the last six months. This showcases that there is an urgent corporate demand for alternative funding in the market. This makes InvoiceFinance one of a kind and an upcoming alternative mode.

Better Customer experience & service

The company offers a better customer experience and service than a bank. This makes InvoiceFinance distinct and much more customer friendly.

Faster & Safer

The applications are first automatically assessed using data analysis and machine learning. It does not look a dated financial statement, but in actual banking operations which not only faster, but also created greater risk: all loans granted InvoiceFinance has less than 0.1% to flush. The current status of the company shows that it receives more than 1,000 loan applications per month.

Future is FinTech

FinTech is an up and coming sector. Companies like InvoiceFinance do not just cater to data but take an entrepreneurial approach. The company’s founder illustrated a positive picture that, last month, almost € 500,000 per day business loans were distributed due to which many companies – large and small – helped to grow, create jobs and achieve their ambitions.


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