Looking for a job? These are 10 hottest health tech startups to work for in Stockholm in 2019

Looking for a job? These are 10 hottest health tech startups to work for in Stockholm in 2019

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With the advancement in technology, several industries have witnessed improvements. Health tech is no stranger. Numerous startups across the world have integrated technology to help a majority of people and come up with new and advanced treatment methods. The implementation of cutting-edge technology lets these companies provide the best assistance to their users across age groups.

In Europe, there are many startup hubs and Stockholm, Sweden is one of them as it offers a thriving ecosystem for businesses. Recently, many health tech startups have cropped up in this city. Having said that, if you are looking for a job in Stockholm, then here we list the hottest health tech startups in the city this year from Dealroom.


Founders: David Prien, Joakim Widigs
Funding: €5.8 million

FirstVet is a digital veterinary clinic offering video consultations between veterinarians and pet owners. Founded in 2016, it enables a more time-efficient and cost-effective service as compared to visiting physical veterinary clinics. The start provides medicinal prescriptions, consultations and related services via both its website and mobile application. It provides veterinarians and pet owners convenience in their daily lives.


Founders: Mats Lindstrand

FRISQ is a health tech startup founded in 2009. This startup provides valuable services and access to healthcare information. It was founded with the intention to empower patients and their caretakers. The system developed by FRISQ makes it easy for individuals, healthcare professionals and pharmacies when it comes to sharing information. It helps patients get a better understanding of how specific treatments will work.


Founders: Ashkan Labaf, Magnus Liungman
Funding: €13.3 million

Doctrin founded in 2016 has a clear purpose, which is to improve healthcare. The startup aims to increase the quality of treatment provided to patients and enhance their overall experience. It uses resources of care when they are needed the best. The company has been able to achieve this by helping healthcare professionals digitise the patient journey by using the right processes and tools. The long-term goal of this startup is to improve healthcare for people across the world.


Founders: Martin Lindman
Funding: €13.4 million

In 2016, Doktor.se was established to provide the right care for patients at the right time. The app ensures to answer the queries of patients via chat, phone and video within three minutes. It creates also care chains and follows up with the patients. This startup works with the intention that the care required by patients are matched with the right available resources.


Founders: Fredrik Jung Abbou, Joachim Hedenius, Johannes Schildt, Josefin Landgård
Funding: €87 million

KRY founded in 2014 shows the way to the future health and medical care with the patients always in focus. The startup makes it possible to meet licensed psychologists and experienced doctors directly on a mobile device. The startup recently acquired the company Hello Shim that developed psychology-apps Enjo and Shim. These are chatbots for the mental wellbeing of people.

Natural Cycles

Founders: Elina Berglund, Raoul Scherwitzl
Funding: €34.1 million

Founded in 2013, Natural Cycles has developed the only digital method of birth control, which has been cleared by regulators in Europe and the US. This health tech startup for women has developed an intelligent app, which shows the daily fertility status, cycle predictions, valuable messages and notifications about the cycle and statistics. This app gives a deeper understanding of their body.


Founders: Josef Murad, Matias Murad
Funding: €780k

BYON8 aims to improve people’s lives with a simple solution called Aitopya. It is a medical diagnostics software, which uses Artificial Intelligence to improve healthcare with digital solutions. The startup founded in 2015 uses AI to ask patients questions related to their current symptoms, medical history and health conditions. The software never forgets the patients and considers them as unique individuals.


Founders: Mohammed Homman
Funding: €290k million

Vironova existing since 2005 is a biotechnology company offering hardware, software, comprehensive and services for nanoparticles analysis. The company revolutionises access to transmission electron microscopy-based image analysis. The solution enables faster and better-informed decisions. It provides cost-effective and fast electron microscopy services.


Founders: Henrik Torstensson, Marcus Gners
Funding: €19.7 million

Digital health startup Lifesum is a nutrition app. This app is compatible across various devices such as wearables, smartphones and connected devices. It provides personalised meal plans and healthy recipes. The startup founded in 2013 provides users with features such as food tracking, nutritional insights and more. It remains users to drink more water and suggests nutritional and exercise habits.

Bioservo Technologies

Founders: Johan Ingvast
Funding: €4.8 million

Bioservo Technologies founded in 2006 combines medical science with modern robotics. It has a leading position within the wearable non-invasive products for people who need extra power to support the performance and endurance of the body and for those with reduced muscular strength. After almost a decade, the company has started focusing on the commercialisation of patented technologies and products.

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