Looking for job in Rotterdam? These 10 hottest tech startups are hiring right now!

Looking for job in Rotterdam? These 10 hottest tech startups are hiring right now!

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In Europe, the Netherlands has a thriving startup ecosystem and is home to many innovative companies. Among the many cities in the country, Rotterdam holds the second position in supporting startups. Of late, the tech scene in the city has gained traction and helps startups with roots in the region witness tremendous growth.

It stands next to Amsterdam when it comes to offering promising potential for startups. Rotterdam is referred to as ‘Boston of the Netherlands’ in the business world and offers a multi-cultural base accommodating entrepreneurs from various countries. Having said that, here we have come up with a list of hottest tech startups in Rotterdam that are hiring at a fast rate as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Hicham Shatou
Funding: €4 million

Rotterdam-based LeQuest was founded in 2011 with the intention to reinvent the way medical personnel is trained. The company aims to improve the quality of healthcare services, reduce adverse situations and increase the efficiency of medical technology. LeQuest focuses its simulation-based education solutions on the high-risk medical technology, especially on ICU, OR and Radiology departments.


Founders: Ir. Lex van der Sluijs, Gerben Harmsen

Established in 2011, twnkls is a leading supplier of practical Augmented Reality solutions. The company has been creating custom AR tools and serves the needs of its clients with its proprietary collaborative AR platform. The company’s powerful measurement solutions can shorten the sales cycle, minimise errors, reduce costs, faster production lead-time and improve conversion.


Founders: Rogier Fischer

Buying Litecoins has been a complex task involving one to transfer money to a cryptocurrency broker in another country and wait and see if it was possible to get the Litecoins. To bring a change, LiteBit was launched in 2013. It is a platform, which facilitates buying Litecoins with euros. This platform offers wallets that can store coins and LiteBit credits that are valued in euros for quick transactions within the platform.


Founders: Ralph de Groot, Silja Thor

Restoranto established in 2015 is an app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app lets users book, order and pay directly at the restaurants. It works in an innovative way, which uses fluctuating prices depending on demand and supply. Restoranto follows dynamic pricing and offers pre-orders as well. Whenever a meal is booked, this startup donates a meal to a child in need, which makes it a responsible service.

VI Company

Founders: Kees de Koning, Tim Oskam

Being one of the successful fintech companies in Rotterdam, VI Company founded in 2007 analyses, designs, builds and maintains applications and websites for clients such as PGGM, Cardano, BNP Paribas, ING Bank and Börse Stuttgart. It offers services such as pension simulations, asset management, information websites and more.


Founders: Dharminder Chahal
Funding: €4.6 million

Established in 2005, SkylineDx operates with the mission to improve the quality of life of patients by letting them benefit from person insights into their ailment’s genomic level. The company brings innovations to the gene signature-based diagnostic testing. The team of experts at SkylineDx collaborate with physicians and patient advocates and work to achieve multi-discipilnary goals.


Founders: Jeremy Raes

LizardApps founded by TU Delft alumni in 2012 focuses primarily on flexibility, performance, efficiency and development speed and acts as a subcontractor for the design and development agencies. The company’s portfolio also includes apps, webpages, e-commerce, social media, recruitment websites and more.


Founders: Jarell Habets
Funding: €1.7 million

Shypple was established in 2016 to bring transparency to the air and sea cargo market and make world trade accessible to many. Earlier this year, Shypple was named Sprout Startup of the Year defeating two other Rotterdam-based startups Spielwork and Closure. Currently, there are 120 customers who use this service to ship freight and provides service to users in other European countries such as Poland, France, Spain and Germany besides select Asian markets.


NGTI believes in challenging themselves to design and develop faster, smarter and more beautiful applications. In 2012, the company was founded to deliver high-quality native and web applications. The company works on many international products with nearly 50 professionals from various countries across the world letting them develop creative and innovative designs and solutions.


Founders: Guido Schmitz, Ruben Wieman
Funding: €1.6 million

At Flex-Appeal founded in 2014, they help retail, hotel and restaurant chains to create employee experiences for their workforce. The company’s employee app lets companies train, reach and engage their workforce via a single platform. Some clients of Flex-Appeal include Albert Heijn, Gamma/Karwei, Van den Assem, Jumbo and Humphrey’s.

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