Shypple bags Sprout Startup of the Year: How Rotterdam tech company wants to become Slack for logistics?

Shypple bags Sprout Startup of the Year: How Rotterdam tech company wants to become Slack for logistics?

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“I find out what the world needs. Then, I go ahead and invent it” – Thomas Edison.

And that’s how a startup is born! Till date, successful startups are all about solving problems by creating a solution that has brought change in the world. In this case, Shypple is no different!

A vision that dares!

In this regard, Shypple, a Rotterdam-based startup established itself to make the sea and air cargo market transparent and also to make world trade accessible to more people.

Sprout Startup of the Year!

Recently, Shypple named Sprout Startup of the Year. In fact, the Rotterdam startup defeated two other finalists — Closure, termination service for surviving relatives and Spielwork, a creative vacancy company.

The jury consisted of Sprout editor and jury chairman Philip Bueters, NBI Investors partner Janneke Bik, informal investor Fonq founder Patrick Kerssemakers and Lennart van der Ziel, co-founder of Travis, which became Startup of the Year last year.

What Shypple is all about?

In an attempt to put an end to this excessive paperwork created by the communication and documentation, the company offers a web application with simplified administrative handling and communication between parties.

It has a real-time dashboard that displays the status of the shipments while offering shippers with several booking, planning and communication possibilities. On top of that, the company has a communication tool, much like a chat-app Slack for the industry for shipment level conversation.

Aiming to tackle the European market from Rotterdam.

At present, Shypple currently has 120 customers who regularly ship freight through the service. According to founder Jarell Habets, about 85 per cent of the revenue comes from Dutch customers.

Further, Shypple provides service for customers in other European countries like Poland, Germany, France, Spain, and a handful of customers in Asia as well. So far the company has raised around € 1.7 million in funding.

Launch a subsidiary company in China is the “endgame”

Furthermore, Shypple will soon open a branch in China, since its the production house of the world. “The booking of freight is not necessarily a unique idea, everything revolves around execution,” says Habets. The logistics platform is heading for a turnover of 21 million euros this year, added Jarell Habets. He added, “When it comes to price and usability, we always win.”

Check out our interview with Jarell Habets:

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