Molotov Café: French startup opens a virtual reality coffee shop

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Molotov, a French origin startup, is pacing towards being the leading platform to stream TV with around 7 million users in France. It is said to stream a total of 1.1 million hours of content.  With a single account, its users can watch TV on the phone, tablet, computer and set-top box. The company is releasing a VR app that lets you watch TV using a virtual reality headset, called Molotov Together.

What is Molotov Together?

Molotov Together will be released in February 2019. A Molotov user will be able to access the service with a compatible VR headset. Molotov will let you invite people to your virtual living room and watch your TV. The host controls the TV and can stream premium content and the guests may watch premium content even if they are not subscribers.

Welcome to Molotov Cafe!

Molotov is creating a virtual reality coffee shop called Molotov Café. With Molotov Together, one invites one’s friends to watch TV in the café. Each person can control the TV channel to watch and access all Molotov content. One doesn’t share a TV; everyone has a TV of their own. But, Molotov Together works the best for users watching one content simultaneously.

Bringing friends together

One doesn’t need to press any button, you may just sit back and stream whatever you desire. It is a gift for long-distance friends and couples sometimes who intend to watch the same movie. It has been a common practice over Skype or Facetime. But, Molotov is polishing this concept to make it work more efficiently.

Multiplayer experience

Molotov Together is a multiplayer experience, like a video game, where you get to see the same thing at the same time. Molotov ensures that two people stream from the same content delivery network so that the video feeds are perfectly in sync. The voices of the participants/friends are also spatialized even if two friends have a similar sounding voice, one can figure out who is talking without even looking.

Competing with other modes of entertainment

With Netflix shows and huge iTunes libraries, watching TV has become a defining experience in the market. Watching something live and sharing a moment together is the driving force behind Molotov. It is set to compete with content companies with this new product. Molotov Together is experimenting with new ways to watch TV and it might be a game-changer in this field.

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