Munich-based startup NavVis raises €31M for spatial intelligence

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Munich-based spatial intelligence startup NavVis has received an investment of €31 million in Series C funding to boost its international expansion and develop innovative solutions. The investors include Digital+ Partners, MIG, Target Partners, BayBG and Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.

NavVis CEO Felix Reinshagen said, “The major German automotive manufacturers, who served as early adopters, paved the way for our digital twin technology to transform how enterprises will operate in the future. As a result, we are now experiencing a tremendous surge in demand for our well-established and trail tested platform. Our mission is now to empower every enterprise with the easiest and most powerful way to build and operate their own digital twin to the fullest potential.”

Digital twin technology and NavVis

In the era of digital revolution, industries are heading towards the digital twin technology to represent physical spaces in virtual reality (VR). It is widely applied in areas such as construction management and monitoring, surveying, digital floor plans and modular virtual demonstration.

NavVis abets enterprises to enhance their operational efficiency through its digital twin platform. It provides digital solutions for advanced mapping, concerted immersive 3D visualisation, and AI-driven GPS technology applications. The interactive, dynamic and integrated virtual workspaces facilitated by the startup steer businesses to achieve a synergised workforce and a prompt strategic environment.

Headquartered in Munich, NavVis was started in 2013 by Felix Reinshagen, Georg Schroth, Robert Huitl and Sebastien Hilsenbeck. With a team of 165 people across the globe, the startup maintains partnerships with more than 100 companies spread over 30 countries. With offices in Munich, Shanghai and New York, NavVis has won the trust of industry leaders like Huawei, Daimler, Lenovo, Allianz, and Deutsche Telekom.

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