raises €1.3M: All you need to know about the innovative car sharing Dutch startup raises €1.3M: All you need to know about the innovative car sharing Dutch startup

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cIn a recent development, secured an investment of €1.3 million from mobility players Taxi Baan and Houttequiet and investment fund Silicon Polder Ventures. The company will use this capital investment to accelerate the rollout of its car-sharing technology, claims its founder Reinald Bronkhorst.

With the mounting expenses of owning a car and increasing awareness regarding pollution, carpooling has become an emerging trend. Relatively, the Dutch startup offers innovative car sharing solutions to offer a smarter alternative to car ownership. was founded in 2014 by the car company Brandsen in Barneveld. Now, it operates in Barneveld, Veenendaal, Almere, Belgium, De Rijp, Gouda, Odijk, Roden and Waarland.

Benefits of is car-sharing platform and claims to be quite beneficial for its users. Unlike the ownership of a car, it doesn’t involve any maintenance cost, insurance and fuel expenses and other unforeseen expenditure. On the other hand, it is flexible and customised, saves a lot of money and is good for the environment as it reduces the CO2 emissions drastically. is always focused on local area presence in order to let its users drive cheaply, quickly and efficiently in a car that suits their needs.

How car-sharing works

Further, the company offers car-sharing for both individuals and companies. It ensures continuous development and improvement of its technology. It provides car sharing for companies and organisations such as governments with sharing a limited number of cars in a closed circle. The technology is marketed via a commercial letting leasing companies, fleet managers and car rental companies to manage their vehicles fully and more efficiently. This will only lowers the mobility cost but also reduces the environmental impact greatly. tariff

As its name indicates, car-sharing means that users also share the bill. requires users to pay in advance via credits. It is similar to the prepaid car driving. Users can reserve a car for 1 hour per credit and they receive 15 free kilometres per booked hour. The additional kilometres are charged at 0.04 credit per kilometre. The credits can be easily purchased in the app.

CE-certified technology

The CE-certified technology used by lets users access the fleet 24/7 without a physical key transfer. Its system provides eco-score, GPS tracking, driving behaviour analysis and a smart planning module for the optimal use of all the vehicles in the fleet. Eventually, the end users experience MaaS (Mobility as a Service). MaaS represents the transition in mobility letting users buy mobility instead of investing in a mode of transportation.

How will they use the funding?

The investment raised by the Dutch car-sharing company will be used to accelerate the roll-out of its technology. In addition to this, Taxi Baan’s director Mark Baan said that the service will become convenient and easy to access with their investment. This will lead to affordable and sustainable mobility.

Houttequiet co-owner, Dirk Houttequiet also aims to make a strategic shift to new mobility solutions with this investment. He said, “’s car sharing system proved to offer the most complete solution. A car-brand independent system consisting of a certified platform, box and a user-friendly app”.

Founder of Silicon Polder Ventures, Paul Baan said, “Car sharing can be used for those who are not immediately ‘auto-mobile’. In addition to the economic benefit and the environmental benefit, social returns are achieved in this way. By encouraging car sharing and making it available to a wide audience, ensures that this group can participate more actively in social traffic”.

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