The 10 hottest travel tech startups from Spain to watch out in 2019

The 10 hottest travel tech startups from Spain to watch out in 2019

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These days, travellers use digital tools to book tickets, accommodation, etc., thanks to the evolution of the travel tech sector. Entrepreneurs are focusing on sectors such as consumer tourism, hotel management, online booking, price comparison and more to help their users plan and book the whole trip without much hassle.

Spain is one of the vibrant startup ecosystems in Europe and there are innovative and interesting travel tech startups in the country let alone the travel tech category. So, here we have listed 10 fast-growing Spanish travel tech startups for you as per Dealroom.

TravelPerk (Barcelona)

Founders – Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, Ron Levin
Funding – €65.3 million

Since 2015, TravelPerk offers the next-generation business travel experience for companies. It lets companies book and manage the travel via its platform. The booking and management platform of this startup is free to use. This startup lets users search flights and hotels and book and pay for the same. They can also manage their itinerary, get instant invoices, automate their travel policy and have complete control on their travel preferences.

Spotahome (Madrid)

Founders – Alejandro Artacho, Bruno Bianchi, Bryan McEire, Hugo Monteiro
Funding – €56.7 million

Spotahome founded in 2014 is an online booking platform. It lets users find accommodation for over 30 days without the need of actually visiting the city or checking the place of stay. It is an online accommodation platform for professionals and students. Back in March this year, this Madrid-based startup shifted its headquarters to London. (Barcelona)

Founders – Olivier Lachenaud, Carles Pons
Funding – €10 million, the outdoor accommodation booking engine started functioning in 2008. It has supported over 500,000 travellers across Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands. This startup references over 2,500 partner campsites ranging from family camping to 5-star resorts.

Lodgify (Barcelona)

Founders – Dennis Klett, Marco De Gregorio
Funding – €6.6 million

Barcelona-based Lodgify was founded in 2012. It is a vacation rental SaaS startup that focuses on building direct channel technology empowering vacation rental owners and property managers by letting them create professional websites. This way, they could grow their direct bookings sans any commissions as opposed to relying on popular platforms such as and Airbnb.

Nautal (Barcelona)

Founders – Edu Robsy, Octavi Uyà, Roger Hom
Funding – €3.7 million

Established in 2013, Nautal is an intermediate charter agency. It as over 26,000 boats operating across 57 countries around the world. The online yacht booking startup acquired a similar service Incrediblue based in UK in 2018 making its first acquisition for $2.6 million. It is also open for more acquisitions in an attempt to bring all yacht services under one brand.

Exoticca (Barcelona)

Founders – Jesus Rodriguez Fernandez, Marti Guasch Mercadé
Funding – €3.5 million

Exoticca is an online travel agency selling ‘affordable luxury’ holidays to popular global destinations operating since 2013. It operates in Spain, UK and France and is eying to expand to Germany, Canada and the US. Exoticca allows users to buy trips via online in a single visit with its proprietary booking engine with real-time pricing.

The Hotels Network (Barcelona)

Founders – Juanjo Rodriguez, Marc Rollan Serrano
Funding – €3.5 million

The Hotels Network was founded in 2015 and offers the latest technology that helps hotels increase their direct bookings. This is possible by adding a layer of tools to the website and booking engine. These tools help users compare reviews and prices, do a predictive analysis and offer a full suite of personalisation options. (Madrid)

Founders – Pablo Rabanal
Funding – €2.3 million

Founded in 2012, is an online claims platform for several aspects such as accidents, airlines, labour, banking, second changes, and more. This platform helps users file claims on flight delay, cancellation, baggage problems, overbooking, etc.


Kviar Groupe (Madrid)

Founders – Christopher Fuchs, Stewart Masters
Funding – €1.9 million

ClubKviar was founded in 2012 and was acquired by Resy in 2018. Resy powers the best restaurants across the world offering superior reservation management software and app. Being a part of the Resy family, ClubKviar also aims to elevate and enhance dining experiences worldwide.

Zero 2 Infinity (Barcelona)

Founders – José Mariano López-Urdiales
Funding – €50k

Founded in 2009, Zero 2 Infinity is a startup that designs and launches satellites to near space. Headquartered in Barcelona, this startup has subsidiaries across the world. It operates with the intention to simplify access to space.

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