These 11 startups have been selected for the Startupbootcamp Commerce Accelerator program 2019

These 11 startups have been selected for the Startupbootcamp Commerce Accelerator program 2019

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Startupbootcamp Commerce is a leading accelerator of startups supporting and scaling companies innovating and disrupting the commerce sector. This platform exists since 2017 and this is the third consecutive year that this program has come forward to support the best commerce startups in Europe right now.

This year, 11 international teams announced their participation in the accelerator program in Amsterdam starting from February 28, 2019. The 11 teams have been selected from 21 startups and scaleups that took part in the Selection Days Startupbootcamp, which is a two-day event on January 28 and January 29 at the PwC office in Amsterdam. This cohort includes startups from the Netherlands, the UK, Singapore, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany and Italy.

3-month accelerator program

At the event, the startup accelerator offered the companies a unique opportunity to expand their network so that they become familiar with the local market. It also presents them with mentors, partners and experts in the industry that are a part of the Startupbootcamp network with America Today, Rabobank and PwC. The three-month accelerator program in Amsterdam will start from February 27, 2019 and go on until May 28, 2019 with a Demo Day presentation.

After the program, the startups will be a part of the Alumni Development of Startupbootcamp joining over 700 startup companies.

11 startups selected for the accelerator program

Discoperi (Ukraine): Discoperi, a Ukraine-based startup founded in 2016 by Alex Bondarenko uses artificial intelligence to solve the major challenges that are involved in FMCG, advertising, automotive and insurance industries. This is done via image, voice and person recognition technology.

Eldurado (Germany): Eldurado founded in 2016 by Merlin Thabe, Maximilian Kramer and Jonas Sieben digitises the purchasing process for indirect goods via inorder that makes all the procurement processes modular, simple and digitally mapped.

Epiqur (Turkey): This startup based in Turkey was founded in 2018 by Mustafa Can Mursal and Salim Cihan Acar. Epiqur livestream offers solutions HQ audio via integrated hardware and software.

FWDpay (Netherlands): Founded in 2018 by Sven van der Zee and Martijn R. Lukaart, FWDpay lets you pay transactions via Smart Direct Debits.

High Profile Club (UK): This UK-based startup was founded by Rafael dos Santos. It is a technology PR platform letting entrepreneurs contact the media. (UK): It is a payment platform founded in 2011 by David Strebinger and Don Kirkwood. It is designed to give everyone an opportunity to use their money in any form with every application and every possible access point.

Vimma (UK): Vimma is a startup founded in 2018 by Mykhailo Loginov and Outi Pietilanaho. It is an AI-based platform that marketers can give someone posts on using social media in the form of high social ads.

Ubique (Italy): Ubique is a startup that specialises in the delivery of spare parts to anywhere.

Waitrr (Singapore): Waitrr was founded in 2015 in Tim Wekezer. It is a mobile ordering and payment platform giving guests seamless dining experience. It increases the overall profitability of restaurant partners.

Weareeves (Netherlands): We Are Eves is the first social beauty network. It lets you share real beauty secrets with friends sans more filters.

Stripo (USA): In 2017, Dmitry Kudrenko founded Stripo offers Drag-n-Drop creator and HTML email templates for the benefit of teams, SaaS and individuals.

Regarding the program, Ernst Hoestra, general manager of the Startupbootcamp Commerce program, explains: “The Netherlands currently has a dynamic innovation and start-up culture, so we are pleased to start the eleven most promising commerce and trade and scale-up to Amsterdam can collect and provide them directly with our team and with our business partners, mentors and investors can work. the selected startups working at the interfaces of various sectors, such as logistics solutions, cyber and data, marketing and audience analysis, advertising and marketing solutions, marketing technology and ecommerce technology. Now they have the chance to develop their solutions both locally and globally by and scale.”

Ilja Linne Meijer, Chief Digital Officer of PwC Netherlands, one of the business partners Startupbootcamp, where took place the Selection Days: “As a partner of Startupbootcamp we are very proud to be a part in organizing the selection days. Through our partnership with Startupbootcamp we keep abreast of what is happening in the forefront on new business models and technologies, we find startups to work together and co-create with the aim of solving important problems of clients or ourselves, facilitating connections in the ecosystem and inspire our clients, contacts and staff through entrepreneurship and innovation that bring these startups. The ability to bring all this together in our office has been a great experience and we look forward to putting further continue our journey with the selected startups. This includes the further assisting startups with our knowledge, experience and networks. “

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