These Amsterdam-based medtech startups are working to beat cancer with innovative inventions in 2019

These Amsterdam-based medtech startups are working to beat cancer with innovative inventions in 2019

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Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases and is said to affect one in three people in western world. A report by WHO (World Health Organisation) highlights that there has been a 70% increase in the occurrence of cancer worldwide. And, it is estimated that the number will increase on a yearly basis in the next couple of decades. Besides being deadly, the treatment for cancer is quite expensive and most people cannot afford it.

Having said that the ailment is affecting millions of people across the world, several startups in the medtech industry have come up with products and solutions that can be effective in the detection and treatment of cancer. Here, we have curated a list of medtech startups in Amsterdam that aim to revolutionise cancer cure as sourced from Dealroom.

Kiadis Pharma

CEO: Arthur Lahr
Funding: €52.6 million

Kiadis Pharma is a biotechnology company established in 1997. The company comprises a highly experienced team of professionals with complementary skill sets. Kiadis Pharma is committed to developing innovative and life-saving therapies for patients suffering from late-stage blood cancer. It helps those in need of transplantation, which is a vital unmet medical requirement for many.


Founders: Jeroen van Duffelen, Mark-Jan Harte
Funding: €12.3 million

Aidence founded in 2015 emphasis on the early-stage detection of lung cancer by applying Artificial Intelligence algorithms to the field of medical imaging. This startup has introduced a solution called Veye Chest, which assists radiologists to diagnose and track developments at the pulmonary nodule level to help in determining lung cancer.


Founders: Mircea Popa, Victor Anastasiu
Funding: €10 million

SkinVision lets you check your skin and ensure that it is healthy. This medtech startup founded in 2011 answers your questions, assesses and gives you advice. Usually, diagnosing skin cancer on a timely basis is not easy and there are claims that one in five Dutch people suffer from this type of cancer. To address these claims, SkinVision has developed a solution that will take photos of areas of your skin that need treatment and offers quick solutions.


Founders: Chris Meijer, Daniëlle Heideman, Peter Snijders, Renske Steenbergen
Funding: €6.8 million

Self-screen has a proven track record in translational science. This company was established in 2008 with the intention to advance the implementation of scientific discoveries in cancer screening. Its prime focus is on cervical cancer screening and prevention. The team at Self-screen strives towards all-molecular screening ensuring reproducibility, objectivity and high-throughput possibilities.

Scenic Biotech

Founders: Sebastian Nijman, Thijn Brummelkamp
Funding: €6.5 million

Scenic Biotech founded in 2017 applies a novel approach to diagnose cancer by harnessing genetic modifiers. The company uses its proprietary technology and obtains a unique and comprehensive understanding of the disease. It insights enable them to rapidly intensify and validate the novel drug targets and focus on developing medicines that have the greatest potential to save the lives of those suffering from cancer and other diseases.


Founders: Bastiaan van der Baan, Jonas Nilsson, Robert AL, Rolf-Jan Rutten, Tom Würdinger
Funding: €250k

Established in 2012, thromboDx is a molecular diagnostics company involved in the development and commercialisation of blood-based diagnostics via its proprietary platelet-powered technology platform. This platform addresses the need for an easily accessible and minimally invasive source for high-quality nucleic acids that are disease-specific.

Px HealthCare

Founders: Anne Bruinvels
Funding: €50k

Px HealthCare has developed a digital health platform combining patient experience and advanced data analytics. Founded in 2012, the startup improves clinical outcomes in the field of oncology with this platform. The mobile app platform supports both patients suffering from breast cancer and their doctors.


Founders: Ard Heeten

In 2010, Sigmascreening is a medical device company that focuses on the development of new and innovative products in the field of digital mammography as well as breast cancer screening. It is a spin-off company from AMC Amsterdam (Academic Medical Center). The company has several products lined up for development and one of the is a Sensitive Sigma Paddle, which CE certified and uses the company’s patented technology.

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