This Brussels-based startup introduces AI for lingerie shops

This Brussels-based startup introduces AI for lingerie shops

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In a recent development, a Belgian startup Macty has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based app – Complete the Look – for the fashion industry. The application will provide customised product recommendations for the customers of fashion stores using AI and computer vision. The app will cater to both online and offline customers resulting in higher profits for the apparel stores as well as the industry. Notably, Complete the Look is believed to deliver unique styling experiences to the customers and augment the profitability.

Susana Zoghbi, the CEO of Macty, said, “People are attracted by new store experiences, through new forms of interaction and ways to find products. It is therefore essential for sellers today to be able to offer these experiences. Our ‘Complete the Look’ application inspires customers while it helps sellers to increase the findability of their products and stimulate sales.”

How will the app work?

Customers need to upload the images of the outfits in the app to get the suggested products from the Van de Velde collection. The match is performed by AI-enabled systems integrating online and physical stores. Macty designed the software of the app under the guidance of software developer QT.

Trials in Amsterdam

Macty’s new app ‘Complete the Look’ is presently under trial with customers at Lincherie Experience Center in Amsterdam. Notably, it has been presented at various prominent conclaves including Digital First in Brussels, Nvidia GTC in Munich and Web Summit in Lisbon.

Macty and its collaborations

Headquartered in Brussels, Macty was founded by Susana Zoghbi along with Ken Van Eyndonck in 2017. It is dedicated to enhanced customer experiences for the fashion industry with solutions amalgamating AI, computer vision and natural language processing.

Belgian lingerie manufacturing company Van de Velde is an alliance partner of Macty. Van de Velde maintains liaisons with 5,000 specialist lingerie stores across the globe. Further, Macty has its association with Oracle, Nvidia Inception, Vlaanderen, Tetranet, and PowerIT.

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