This Dutch meal delivery service focuses on both consumer health and environment

This Dutch meal delivery service focuses on both consumer health and environment

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Eathics, a new meal delivery service is aimed at making people healthier by providing them with healthy vegetarian meals. It also focuses on contributing to the environment in a positive way.

This Dutch startup was founded by four millennials Prevesh Ramkisoen, Yueng Gao, Madi Kalonda and Drona Soekram. It also involves an experienced entrepreneur Hans van den Boom. This platform is all set to be launched at the end this year. Initially, it will be launched in the large cities in the Netherlands.

Eathics will focus on delivering healthy vegan and vegetarian delicacies with respect for the restaurant owner and the delivery person. With this platform, it responds to the increasing demand from consumers for health-conscious meals. In addition to delivering healthy meals, the platform makes the process of ordering a meal simple and positive for the environment.

Environment-friendly startup

This Dutch startup is committed to being environment-friendly. For instance, the meal delivery platform plants trees and also installs facilitates for clean drinking water in third world countries. When consumers order for a meal, they will not be charged any additional cost to contribute to the environment. So, to contribute to the environment, consumers should just use the platform to order a meal and they will do the rest.

Sustainable partnerships

Eathics enters into sustainable partnerships with companies. With this partnership, the employer contributes to the health of the employees and works towards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives. Eventually, the employees enjoy a healthy meal without having to spend a lot time on it.

The startup believes that it is important for consumers to eat well. They want consumers to be aware of what they eat and what that can bring about for themselves, the environment and society.

It’s setting up a community

The meal delivery startup is setting up a community for its consumers Interested consumers can join the community without any obligations and stay up-to-date with the current trends, news, initiatives and healthy, conscious, organic, vegetarian and healthy recipes. While joining the community, consumers need to choose their diet preference between options such as vegetarian, vegan, and meat eater.

One of the co-founders, Prevesh Ramkisoen says, “We absolutely do not want to force people not to eat meat anymore. You can also order dishes with meat, but only organic meat. Our goal is precisely to embrace the meat eaters and to make them enthusiastic about eating more vegetarian and making it part of the daily diet. In this way, we can create a greater environmental impact than to focus only on non-meat eaters. In the Netherlands we pay more attention to our food, it is a big part of our lifestyle. Then it is important that you can order all kinds of tasty, healthy meals. Many people are not yet aware of how tasty vegetarian dishes are. It is up to us to change that image. ”

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