This e-scooter from Bolt Mobility is the first one to run Android apps

This e-scooter from Bolt Mobility is the first one to run Android apps

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If you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your tech startup, The Netherlands is gradually growing up to become one of the best tech hubs after Silicon Valley.

It has become a hotspot for many businesses that are driven by factors such as evolving technology, innovations and more. Bolt Mobility is one such Dutch automotive startup that looks promising. Popularly known as the Tesla of e-scooters, its electric AppScooter is an environment-friendly vehicle with a cool and functional design.

Founded in 2014 by Marijn Flipse and Bart Jacobsz Rosier, this startup aims to deliver all the Europeans with a scooter of their choice. In total, Bolt Mobility secured €5 million from crowdfunding in 2017. Back then, the startup stated that the investment will be used to get AppScooter, its internet-enabled electric bike ready for the market in 2018.

Recently, the Dutch automotive startup hosted an event on July 6th in Amsterdam to unveil the AppScooter and announce the rebranding. The event was broadcasted for fans and media from all over the world and a demo was also shown.

A future-ready e-scooter market

AppScooter is native to Amsterdam. This e-scooter has a 7-inch LED touchscreen display and a 60L storage space. It can accelerate up to 45 kmph in less than four seconds and its battery can run up to 240 km.

This e-scooter has handlebar controls to take calls and stream music without pulling out the smartphone. It is the world’s first scooter to run Android apps. It has inbuilt GPS and access to 4G connectivity in its cockpit. It comes with electronically controlled locks. The ultimate purpose of this e-scooter is to minimize distractions while traveling.

This e-scooter is available for pre-order across Europe. Mobile Etergo Service Vans with experts trained in repairing the AppScooter will provide regular maintenance and location support. AppScooter is priced at €3399. Etergo will announce the pre-production test drive for those who pre-order the e-scooter at the Amsterdam headquarters this summer.

Rebranded to Etergo

At the event, it was also announced that Bolt Mobility has been rebranded as Etergo with a new website.

Co-founder Bart stated that legal reasons where behind the rebranding. Bart said, “Bolt’s name needed to change due to legal reasons, so we took this as an opportunity to embrace a new, unique brand identity. We looked for something catchy that resonated with the values and mission we stand for. Et Ergo means “and therefore” in Latin, which leads us to the reason why we started this company in the first place; to speed the transition toward renewable energy. As in, “…and therefore, AppScooter.” We were proud to be Bolt Mobility, but we love being Etergo.”

Expansion plans

Marijn states that they are ambitious in their aim of bringing AppScooter to as much of Europe as possible. They are also bullish on expanding its presence to other markets. The Dutch automotive startup is already in the plan of opening pre-orders in Asia later this year.

Future investments

At the event, it was revealed that the next investment round will happen later this summer. It will pave way for the growth endeavors of AppScooter.

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