This ex-Googler startup from London just scored €1.8M funding, helps businesses to manage their data warehouses efficiently

This ex-Googler startup from London just scored €1.8M funding, helps businesses to manage their data warehouses efficiently

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In the current technologically advanced era, almost all companies have data warehouses that help them draw insights. These data warehouses are usually complex to manage which in turn leads to companies hire data engineers and data analysts for the purpose. To resolve this, there are some companies like Dataform that make it simpler, cheaper and faster for companies to manage their data assets.

Dataform is a data pipeline management company established by Google alumni and supported by Y Combinator in its early days. It is building a platform meant to transform the way businesses manage their data warehouses and let data teams publish, test and collaborate datasets at scale.

Secures €1.8 million funding

The London-based data pipeline management company has now secured $2 million (nearly €1.8 million) seed funding from LocalGlobe along with participation from angel investors. This seed funding will be used by Dataform to boost its sales and engineering also to further develop its product.

Google alumni

Founded in 2017 by Google alumni Lewis Hemens and Guillaume-Henri Huon in London, Dataform addresses problems that data-rich organisations face. It is a collaborative workspace giving data teams a completely managed developed environment to manage data warehouses. With Dataform, data teams at companies can exploit data more effectively and analyse the same that powers the company’s analytics.

Co-founder Guillaume-Henri Huon said: “Businesses are struggling to hire data talent that ends up spending most of their time building custom infrastructure and trying to make their data pipeline work. We’re building the tools for the data team to focus on data and extracting value from it rather than spending time on their data infrastructure.”

Prevents major challenge

As managing the data infrastructure is challenging, there are researches suggesting that the data teams hired by organisations spend 80% time and effort in creating usable datasets. They use only 20% of their time for value-added analysis. Eventually, a majority of vital digital information is underused or unexploited.

Speeds up data management

Dataform has created a toolkit, which manages data in the cloud-based warehouses. Its toolkit includes a collaborative development platform and an open-source framework that can be used by teams to build reliable data workflows. With these, Dataform helps companies create a data stack in days instead of spending months on the same. And, analysts can deploy new datasets in just minutes without any engineering help.

An alternative to expensive options

The solution offered by Dataform can work on top of existing data warehousing products. Recently, cloud-based solutions including AWS Redshift, Snowflake and Google BigQuery have set data warehousing standards that enable organisations to consolidate digital information from multiple sources into a single repository. Dataform is an alternative to in-house custom infrastructure that is expensive and unreliable in some cases.

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