This is how TomTom, Microsoft and Moovit are turning traffic congestion nightmare into business opportunities

This is how TomTom, Microsoft and Moovit are turning traffic congestion nightmare into business opportunities

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Well, traffic congestion is something most of us go through especially when you commute in the morning. Flourishing or economically booming cities around the world is a victim of rising traffic congestion and sadly it’s inescapable.

On some parts of the world, it keeps getting worse, in spite of attempted remedies. While it’s not possible to eliminate road congestion completely, there are many ways indeed to curb it.

World’s first “multi-modal trip planner”

In this regard, the world’s top urban mobility leaders unveiled the world’s first comprehensive multi-modal trip planner, a solution to reduce congestion in cities around the world, that will enable developers to build richer apps for consumers to get around their cities.

Executives from Moovit, TomTom and Microsoft’s Azure Maps demonstrated the solution that identifies all of the driving, parking, and public transit options, and surfaces them in a single package for map users. This solution was unveiled during his keynote at the MOVE conference at ExCel London.

“Moovit’s mission is to simplify urban mobility all around the world and we have long provided the best way for consumers to get transit directions and other urban mobility options,” Erez said.

From driving to parking, you are sorted now!

The solution, which is powered by Moovit’s Transit APIs with driving and parking information using TomTom’s APIs, shows the options for driving a car from a suburb to a parking lot near a transit station, riding transit into the city and completing the journey on transit, on foot, via car-sharing or on a scooter or bike.

Erez added, “This will lead to commuters having the best option to plan a trip combining legs on public transit, ride-sharing, bike or scooter, and other legs by car, including finding available parking lot spaces in real-time.”

Also, through integration with Azure Maps, Microsoft’s location intelligence platform for the Azure cloud, developers will be able to integrate multi-modal trip planning to their IoT, mobility, smart city and logistics solutions. Notably, the new APIs are in addition to the transit API integration Microsoft and Moovit announced last November.

Based on real-time public transit data!

Moovit manages more than five million trip plan requests and generates more than 40 million itinerary options for its more than 350 million users in more than 2,700 cities in 88 countries. The company’s multi-modal trip plan engine is based on static, statistical, and real-time public transit data, as well as real-time shared bike, scooter and car-sharing data.

All you need to know about Moovit!

Moovit is a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and urban mobility app. Available on iOS, Android and the Web, it is operational in more than 2,700 cities in 88 countries and 44 languages. In fact, over 100 cities and global events have made Moovit their official transit app.

Founded by Nir Erez, Roy Bick and Yaron Evron in 2012, Moovit has raised a total of €120 million in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Feb 21, 2018, from a Series D round.

All you need to know about TomTom

Based out of Amsterdam, TomTom is a digital mapping and routing company focusing on car navigation. Founded by Corinne Vigreux and Peter Frans Pauwels, the company has offices in 30 countries.

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