This online medical booking startup from Luxembourg just secured €8M funding for future expansion

This online medical booking startup from Luxembourg just secured €8M funding for future expansion

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Doctors and healthcare providers face 10% no-shows every week, claims research. And, this results in loss of income. But, the issue can be solved with the current technological advancements. A startup founded in 2013 with its headquarters in the European Union actually has a solution for this.

The talk is about Doctena, a leading European medical booking platform that is used by medical and paramedical professionals. The Luxembourg-based booking startup can work with a range of medical planning software and can be easily integrated into the everyday administration of doctors and healthcare providers.

Secures €8 million funding

In a recent development, Doctena has raised €8 million investment from private investors to intensify its European expansion. Notably, it is available in six European countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Last minute bookings possible

Doctena lets healthcare providers connect their agendas. This improves the referral of patients and paves way for a better coordination of care provision. With this platform, patients who are in need of immediate treatment can register quickly even for the slots that become available at the last moment due to cancellation.

Managing appointments become easy

Patients can leverage this medical booking platform to book and manage their appointments on their own using the cloud care agenda. The no-shows are reduced due to the systematic memories and the online agenda increases the satisfaction and retention of patients. The company touts that in addition to reducing the no-shows by 70%, Doctena increases the patients’ satisfaction up to 97% increasing the patient loyalty.

Benefits healthcare professionals

In addition to providing significant levels of patient satisfaction, this platform benefits the healthcare professionals too. It offers a unique solution to relieve the organizational pressure. They get to spend a relatively lesser duration on phone calls.

A wide user base

Due to the benefits offered by the medical booking platform, it is used by over 10,000 doctors and witnesses 1.5 million appointments a month. And, the user base increases with new users joining the platform with every passing month. There is a companion app available for Android and iOS devices. This helps in managing the appointments simple and easy.

“Doctena is a unique medical booking platform that is active in several countries in Europe and therefore has unique know-how”, said Rob Rasing, CEO Benelux. “Our cloud agenda solution is designed to give the patient more control and influence in managing his care appointments and also to increase the efficiency of medical practices.” The care provider not only saves time when appointments are made digitally, but we also help no-shows can be reduced to 70%, and times that become available at the last moment can be offered by means of a notification to patients who would like to be treated faster. ”

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