This Utrecht based startup claims to deliver your package within an hour

This Utrecht based startup claims to deliver your package within an hour

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Packaly, a start-up based in Utrecht will start their service competing with traditional courier companies on the 1st of August. The internet company starts its service for retailers to deliver their package with a bicycle messenger to customers within one hour.

Packaly delivers packages for retailers and their e-commerce stores. “We believe that on-demand delivery within one hour isn’t only for food but also for physical products. A lot of products that we order online are also closeby in local retail stores. Every day multiple delivery vans of courier companies drive through the city center from big warehouses and deliver products that can be found closer to the customer,” says co-founderAxel Dekker.

Delivers package in an hour!

Retailers can integrate Packaly in their e-commerce checkout and give the option for their customer to deliver packages within an hour. The customer chooses Packaly, the retail location collects all the products that need to be delivered, the rider picks up the package and the customer receives a tracking email with all necessary information to see their order being picked at the retail location and delivered to their doorstep.

The three co-founders Axel Dekker, Adrik Elzing and Niels Nijhof came to the idea when they were walking through the busy shopping streets of their city center and saw the number of delivery vans blocking the road. “Online purchasing is growing extremely fast. In every city, you see a lot of delivery vans driving around while people are shopping. Multiple governments are working on solutions to reduce the amount of traffic in the city center. Clearing the city center from cars is a big task for the government to reduce Carbon Dioxide and traffic in the city,” says Axel Dekker.

In the coming months, the internet company wants to focus on its pilot in Utrecht. Packaly wants to expand its retail partners and grow their reach in Utrecht. In the coming 6 months, the company wants to add 20 retailers to their platform.

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