Tikkie gets super fast webshop payment: 4 cool things you should know about Dutch app

Tikkie gets super fast webshop payment: 4 cool things you should know about Dutch app

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Tikkie, a payment app from ABN AMRO, has rolled out features like super fast payments and money transfers. With this, the payment app is all set to offer easy transfer of money to its more than 3 million users, regardless of whether they know the IBAN number or not. Meanwhile, businesses will benefit from new commercial features as well.

Using the payment platform iDEAL, Tikkie can host customers with a current account at any Dutch bank free of charge. Here’s something more you would like to know about the ABN AMRO’s popular payment app, just in case you’re still not using it until now.

Easier & Quicker To Use

With the new SuperSnelBetalen functionality, a Tikkie user needs to enter the address once in the super fast payment app for most of the future transactions. It is then passed on to the webshop where the order should be sent. Upon the next purchase in another web store, Tikkie remembers the address. This enables the customers to experience quick payments in a webshop. Further, for the webshops using Tikkie, the data can be skipped and payment can be made directly.

Money Transfer Option

The new transfer option gives the users an opportunity to transfer money to another Tikkie user without having received a request and without knowing their IBAN number. Tikkie is also set to announce higher transfer limits, and a personal logo and GIF for its users. The users will be able to send out a Tikkie directly to the customer’s location.

Convenient Transfer

The person who wants to transfer money chooses the person to whom the money must be transferred in their address book. The user is assisted with the iDeal payment process. The recipient then receives a message with a confirmation of the transfer. Tikkie recognises the phone number of the other Tikkie user and knows to which account the amount has to be credited.

More Business Opportunities

Online department store Ivol along MyJewellery and beauty shop John Beerens accepts payments through Tikkie, which was incorporated in 2016. The payment app has also established a partnership with the payment processor, Buckaroo. With these developments, the Tikkie app is gearing up to offer more opportunities for business use. By the end of November this year, the Tikkie portal will also go live. And, this will make it easier for businesses to send Tikkies in large batches.

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