TomTom pits against Google: Dutch mapmaker to provide autonomous driving systems to Volkswagen and Nissan Leaf

TomTom pits against Google: Dutch mapmaker to provide autonomous driving systems to Volkswagen and Nissan Leaf

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In a recent development, the Dutch GPS location tech specialist TomTom has been chosen by Nissan as the supplier of navigation components for its Nissan Leaf. In addition, TomTom also announced that it had expanded its global deal with the Volkswagen Group for delivering detailed traffic information in Europe, China and Japan.

The ‘global deal’ with Volkswagen includes all commercial vehicles and cars from the brands VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Furthermore, TomTom has been chosen as the traffic service provider for Audi vehicles in China and Japan. Having said that, the announcement was made at the Geneva Motor Show, but no financial details were disclosed.

Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive, said, “Automakers choose TomTom Traffic for its accuracy, freshness and reliability. Volkswagen Group’s renewal of their deal with us, and extension to include Audi in Asia, is a fantastic endorsement of our superiority.”

TomTom Traffic is used by car manufacturers, governments, app developers and mobility application providers. For drivers, TomTom Traffic offers an accurate, real-time traffic information service that helps them make better decisions and save time on their journey.

Details on Nissan Leaf deal!

TomTom has inked a deal with Nissan to deliver maps and traffic information for the new electric ‘Nissan Leaf’. The HD map maker will supply TomTom Maps as well as TomTom Traffic and Online Search to the new enhanced NissanConnect in-vehicle infotainment system which will now come with Nissan’s iconic electric vehicle.

This traffic service will keep Nissan LEAF drivers informed and help them reduce their travel time, while TomTom Online Search allows them to search for an address, business or place of interest. Additionally, it delivers this information for two electric Jeep models.

A few days back TomTom along with Moovit, and Microsoft’s Azure Maps unveiled the world’s first comprehensive multi-modal trip planner, a solution to reduce congestion in cities around the world, that will enable developers to build richer apps for consumers to get around their cities.

TomTom pits against Google

As per an ING experts’ latest report, TomTom has got enough opportunities and potential, to compete against the American tech giant Google which is moving increasingly emphatically on the automotive market.

Founded in 1991, TomTom is best known for its GPS-powered navigation services and devices, such as satellite navigation units for cars, and it is also one of the major global online mapping platforms, alongside the likes of Google Maps, Here Technologies, and OpenStreetMap.

The Amsterdam-based company offers a number of other services, such as telematics, to help businesses manage their fleets — including gaining insights into driver behaviour and knowing where each vehicle is in real time.

Though TomTom has previously denied that this move is about competing with Google Maps, that is likely a factor. Indeed, in September 2018, Google inked an extensive deal with major carmakers such as Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi to push Android — including services like Google Maps — to their automobiles.

TomTom has had a hard time in the past couple of years and its business has been impacted by Google and Android smartphones, but the contract with Volkswagen means good news for the Amsterdam-listed company, according to the experts. Volkswagen is one of the owners of TomTom competitor HERE. And the TomTom’s contract only includes traffic services. Such a contract usually yields less.

Furthermore, ING emphasises that TomTom itself announces that it is a market leader with its HD Maps. The technology is essential for cars that drive partly independently. According to ING, automakers usually bet on several horses and there are plenty of opportunities for TomTom.

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