VEHICULUM grabs €7M funding: 5 interesting aspects about the auto leasing German startup

VEHICULUM grabs €7M funding: 5 interesting aspects about the auto leasing German startup

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Germany-based VEHICULUM has developed a new car leasing marketplace with more than 100,000 registered customers. In a recent development, this startup has raised €7 million funding led by US-based Runa Capital with Russian roots.

VEHICULUM was founded in 2015 by Melchior Bauer, Lukas Steinhilber and Guy Moller in Berlin, Germany. Prior to the recent round of funding, the startup raised €200k seed funding from Oskar Hartmann, Coparion, SchneiderGolling in 2017.

The company aims to use this fund to open its platform to private customers. As of now, it is only available for business customers. The company also plans to adjust its offering to suit the realities that exist in the mobility industry.

Here are some interesting aspects you need to know about this recently funded Berlin-based startup.

Aims to bring transparency to vehicle leasing

The term vehicle leasing is similar to lease. Instead of investing in buying a car, you can rent the vehicle for a specific period and pay a monthly fee. It involves a contract between the dealer, customer and bank. It is basically a long-term rental of the vehicle. To deal with depreciation, you will pay a monthly rate leading to varying leasing rates, which lacks transparency.

VEHICULUM’s digital leasing solution

VEHICULUM has made leasing easy by revolutionising the leasing process with comprehensive digitalisation. It handles all the aspects from choice of vehicle, configuration to contract signing. With the help of digitalisation, you can get the leasing process completed in a few clicks.

A wide range of cars

Besides simplifying the vehicle leasing process, VEHICULUM also lets you choose from a large selection of cars. These cars are from various makers such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Skoda, Mini, Opel, Seat and more. The highlight is that you get models from all these brands in a single platform.

Maintains leasing dynamics

Due to the dynamic nature of the leasing market, the monthly rental of the car you choose will change on a daily basis. In order to ensure that you do not pay a higher amount for the lease, they offers are verified before being presented to you. The end-to-end vehicle leasing solution assures to offer the Best Price Promise.

Fleet management tool

In 2017, VEHICULUM launched a free fleet management tool for the SMEs. It is a completely digital tool for small and medium-size company fleets. It helps in managing contracts, remembering important appointments and managing drivers for free. It also shows the real-time price analysis of a fleet.

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