VVN (Safe Traffic Netherlands) wants to ban Uber after 4 lethal accidents in 6 weeks

VVN (Safe Traffic Netherlands) wants to ban Uber after 4 lethal accidents in 6 weeks

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As reported by the folks at Telegraaf.nl, Safe Traffic Netherlands advocates for Uber ban in Amsterdam after a series of fatal accidents. In a span of six weeks time, four people were killed by accidents involving a Uber taxi.

Recently, a 9-year-old girl was seriously injured in a hit-and-run in Amsterdam on Thursday. Having said that, the driver turned himself into the police later that day.  As per the report, the accident happened at the intersection of Admiraal de Ruijterweg and Jan van Galenstraat.

Since Uber drivers enjoy less strict rules than taxi drivers who are connected to a regular taxi company. The traffic club wants the rules to apply to Uber drivers as well hereafter.

In a statement to De Telegraaf, VVN spokesman Staphorst, said, “The fact that Uber drivers have to drive at very competitive prices leads to irresponsible driving behaviour.”

He also added, “These drivers are paid at very competitive prices per ride and they have to drive a lot to make a little money. That translates into fast and irresponsible driving behaviour.”

The Amsterdam traffic alder Sharon Dijksma says that Uber has already taken measures to ensure that drivers are no longer than a certain number of hours behind the wheel. She also added, “In the coming months I will stay in conversation with Uber but also with the other taxi branch because reckless behaviour also takes place with authorized taxi drivers.”

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