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The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) announced the launch of  the National AI Course for Creative Industry in collaboration with the Top Sector Creative Industry. 

The course aims to familiarise the creative and cultural sector with AI and show how it can be implemented in the workplace. 

The online course is free, lasts about three hours, and can be taken at one’s own pace and time, says NL AIC. The Dutch AI Coalition launched the course officially on June 21, 2022, at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem.

What can you expect?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a crucial role in the creative and cultural sector. In the AI course, Nadia Piet (founder of AIxDesign) takes students through 10 tracks that can be followed at an individual’s own pace. 

The tracks explain basic concepts of AI such as machine learning, algorithms, and deep learning, and highlight different creative and cultural domains. 

“For example, we hear from media companies NPO and RTL how they use AI for diversity in programmes. Startups like Lalaland talks about artificial photo models, and news website highlights how AI is applied in journalism. Examples of AI in dance, music, books, theatre, and heritage are also discussed. Of course, we also look at the preconditions and future possibilities for AI to be successful. Can AI actually be creative? And what is your responsibility as a creative maker?” says NL AIC.

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The course is designed particularly for creative and cultural professionals in various domains – from museums, libraries, and culture and media organisations to the performing arts, designers, journalists, and more. At the end of the course, students earn a certificate.

You can check out the AI course here.

NL AIC: What you need to know

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) was set up in October 2019 to stimulate Dutch AI activities. 

It is a public-private partnership in which government, industry, educational and research institutions, and civil society organisations join forces to accelerate AI developments and connect AI initiatives in the Netherlands.

The NL AIC’s mission is to put the Netherlands in a vanguard position in the field of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being.

The platform has already developed various AI awareness courses such as the AI ​​Care course,  AI course for Agri and Food, AI for Energy, AI for Education, and the National AI course, in collaboration with various top sectors and with the Lowercase Foundation (Jim Stolze).


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