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During the annual Impact Day hosted by NRC live in Amsterdam, NoFoodWasted took home the audience award for most impactful startup. The Dutch startup develops innovative solutions to take on food waste. NoFoodWasted has collected over € 350K in funding already, with the biggest amount coming from the Dutch municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch.


Expiration date

Every year, a third of all the produced food ends up in the bin. It doesn’t only happen at home: supermarkets play a big role by throwing out perfectly good food the day after the expiration date. Founder August de Vocht wants to change that. With the company’s Best-Before app, consumers can see which products in shops nearby are marked down because they are close to their best before date. This helps supermarkets reduce their waste. The Best-Before app is used by 188 supermarkets in the Netherlands with 40,000 users on the platform.

Reduce food waste

De Vocht.wants to reduce food waste by 50 percent in five years – a very ambitious goal. In one year, NoFoodWasted’s app has saved our two million euros worth of good food. “The Best-Before app has helped us cut 25% of our waste,” says Stephan van Engelen, owner of a supermarket in Waalwijk and partner of NoFoodWasted. “It’s mostly a courtesy towards our customers. They want to act against food waste, but they aren’t always sure how to do this. The Best-Before app makes making the right choice easier for them.”



NoFoodWasted has plans to expand to Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom this year. “Being awarded with most impactful startup only motivates us more,” says de Vocht. “We make food waste a choice, and you see a movement arising. More and more people try to cut back on their own food waste. We want to be the worldwide front-runner in this!”

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