Oslo-based construction tech startup which uses AI to build sustainable cities just scored €22M funding: Here’s what you need to know



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Given the increase in urban population in recent decades, cities across the world are in a need to overhaul their infrastructure. As the construction process is quite slow when done manually, technology has come to help. It brings about many changes by providing basic requirements such as housing as well as transportation across the world.

Founded in 2016, Spacemaker was founded by Anders Kvale, Carl Christensen and Håvard Haukeland based in Oslo is an AI-assisted design and construction simulation software. The company lets its users generate a multitude of site proposals, detailed analyses and sort out the best shots from there.

Raises €22 million

In a recent move, Spacemakers raised €2.2 million Series A funding to speed up its rollout. The company develops its product and with the help of property developers, city planners and architects. With these city planners, it can dramatically improve as developers and architects. These city planners have a slightly different design and help create sustainable cities using AI. Also, more cities are able to use AI dramatically as it improves decision making among other benefits. As urban centres are becoming a crowded option, many companies prefer this solution.

Well, the investment was led by Atomico and Northzone along with participation from NREP, Nordic developer OBOS, UK Real Estate tech and Norwegian construction technology investor Construct Venture among other existing investors. Notably, Ben Blume from Atomico and Michiel Kotting from Northzone will join the board of Spacemaker.

First platform to deal with AI!

The company has developed the first platform in the world, which lets both developers and architects use AI. With intense AI, the company can generate and analyse optimal solutions. Also by distributing volumes intelligently, AI can help improve the overall quality of living of residents in these infrastructures.

Given that urban centres are increasing across the world, new developments are needed to get the best possible result. Even today, developers, architects and urban planners plan sites “by hand”. Eventually, they have limited time and cost to explore almost 20-30 options and optimise a multitude of design, environmental and economic constraints.

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Game-changing platform

Spacemaker has developed the first platform offering developers and architects the power. The company lets developers and architects test the iterations from the first stage. It will help developers configure volumes smarter without much time and expenses. Also, this increases the next saleable area and reduces both time and cost. Artificial Intelligence can improve the overall living cost of future residents of any buildings.

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