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Ever since telecommunication rose to popularity, several companies have been focusing on prospects to reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain access to a larger pool of talent. And, one way to make all these possible is by creating opportunities that let people work remotely. Now is the right time for this remote work movement as it is backed by advancements in technology including collaboration, cloud computing and communication tools.

When it comes to the field of tech, company culture is considered equally important as a high-paying job. Candidates looking for new roles focus on both these factors, claims the Brand Health Report by Hired. And, it claims that 65% of the 3,600 participants it surveyed are open to work remotely all the time.

Talking about remote working, there are many advantages in the same including flexible working hours, ability to work from anywhere, no dress code, and reduced costs. However, it does have some drawbacks as well. And, many in the industry of tech consider remote work isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, claims the Hired report. Going by the report, here are five reasons why tech talent is not interested in working 100% remotely.

#1 Feel disconnected from the team

Well, 41% of the participants have turned down the option of remote working as they will feel disconnected from the team. Working remotely will not provide an option to meet new people as moving around the office. You will be able to interact with the team and clients, but it will be over phone calls and video conferencing. Though the cubicle life is considered a thing of the past, it is preferred by many as it is better than isolation.

#2 No separate work hours

Working remotely might seem like a fantasy, but it is loaded with challenges. There will be too many distractions in working remotely and this leads to an extension of the work hours. It is common for you to end up working on projects much longer than needed as there is enough time for it. Sometimes, you might miss out on the personal plans scheduled for later the day due to work. It is for this reason that 26% of participants surveyed by Hired have turned down this option.

#3 Lack of career growth

As mentioned above, there is a lot of challenges in working remotely. You will be loaded with responsibilities that you have to handle on your own. You will have to manage your time efficiently, find leads, pitch and close prospects and much more. The real challenge is that you will have to do all these without the presence of your boss or superior. If you are not motivated enough and if your company does not encourage this kind of work, then there are chances for your career progression to be affected. Going by the report, 23% of participants do not prefer working remotely as it might kill their career growth.

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#4 Loneliness during work

Working remotely will lead to a feeling of being lonely and left out. Well, there are tools to bridge the gap between teams, but these cannot be as effective as working along with others and having a break with colleagues. The level to which you can combat this feeling of being left out depends on the relationship you have with the team members and the company. As it is tough to combat loneliness, 18% of the tech candidates do not prefer working remotely.

#5 Too many distractions

When you work remotely, a lot of distractions come your way. Especially, working from home will be a challenge as being productive is a skill and not all can master it. It takes time to settle and manage things while working remotely. There can be connectivity issues, kids at home, longer breaks, etc. that might come as distractions taking a toll on your work life. You need to learn to tackle these issues and work productively.


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