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Are electric cars greener than conventional gasoline cars? That’s what right from Barack Obama to Leonardo Dicaprio think so!

European cities are clamoring for electric vehicles to reduce pollution from congestion. Apart from the industry, the councils and different regulating bodies have become more aggressive as well. From a laughing stock in the mid-1980s to rising stock today electric cars have come of age.

The rise of electric cars not only reduces carbon footprint but will challenge the world’s need for oil. It could spark a global shift of power from countries that have enjoyed the influence that oil has bought. Like it or not, electric vehicles or EVs are where the rest of the world is headed.

At present, the figures for car sales is somewhere around 99% gasoline and 1% electric. This may seem like a significant disparity, but the rate at which the change is happening is something to be proud of. Many experts believe that car sales are predicted to be 30% electric by the year 2040.

Rotterdam Electric Programme!

Right from the start, the adoption of electric vehicles in the Netherlands was/is actively supported by the Dutch government. Rotterdam Municipal Executive is making progress with its Sustainability Programme, begun in 2010, particularly with the Rotterdam Electric Programme. Notably, the Rotterdam Electric Programme aims to support and accelerate the development of the electric mobility market.

In this regard, we have listed down 5 e-vehicle rental services available in Rotterdam at present.

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Silence e-scooter

The Silence e-scooter is no stranger to the municipality of Rotterdam. Last year, the municipality of Rotterdam opted for the Silence e-scooter through a large tender where the company got around 200 for the Supervision and Enforcement department, among others.

The Silence scooters are quiet, comfortable, ergonomic, non-polluting and nearly maintenance-free. They accelerate faster than a 125cc combustion scooter, but without any noise, emissions or vibrations.



As per the latest report, Rotterdam will soon have 150 electric Share’ngo cars that can be rented as shared cars. Initially, twenty electric cars will be placed in a ‘ free-float ‘ in the city. The intention is to make almost the entire municipality accessible for electric cars.

For the uninitiated, Share’ngo’s electric car is easy and fun to drive. It has features include 120km of autonomy, a maximum speed of 85km/hr and the performance of typical electric vehicles. The Share’ngo automatic car has parking sensors, LED lights, electric windows, air conditioning, stereo and navigation system.



felyx offers shared electric scooters on a ride basis for €0.30 per minute. With the app, users can find all the e-scooters in the area and make a reservation. People can grab a felyx anywhere within the service area and park for free wherever and whenever you want.



New e-vehicle in the town – Lev was launched in an event recently in Rotterdam where Alderman Judith Bokhove kicked off the new sustainable shared service. Lev is the network of small electric vehicles that runs at a maximum of 45 km/hour.

Users can book the car by an app available on both Android and iOS. You only pay for the ride and parking is free and easy. Lev aims to make cities more livable and accessible by making comfortable, emission-free vehicles available to all residents.


Mango Mobility

Mango Mobility is a specialist in electric transport and you can book/rent your choice of e-vehicle from their online site. The company offers the most choice in mobility scooters, electric bicycles, electric scooters (mopeds/light mopeds), e-steps or e-cars at the best prices. It offers a sustainable mobility solution for all age groups: from 16 to 96 years old.

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