Secure Code Warrior raises €3.2M in initial capital round: 5 things to know about the Belgian startup



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Security experts across the world are discovering new security flaws and vulnerabilities from time to time. As most of our data is available on the internet, cyber protection is very important to protect the same. Eventually, many companies offer cyber protection that is simple and effective.

Secure Code Warrior is one such startup that works with the security mindset. In a recent development, the startup has received funding to continue its growth trajectory as it aims to strengthen its global market position.

Founded in 2015 by Belgian security experts Pieter Danhieux and Matias Madou, this startup delivers a suite of software development tools integrated with best-in-class security practices. The startup offers training to help developers in writing secure code from the scratch and in spotting and correcting code security errors.

Secures €3.2 million

The Belgian-Australian startup has raised €3.2 million from the US-based Paladin Capital Group and Sydney-based AirTree Ventures. This initial capital round will let the company expand its global market presence by rapidly growing sales and marketing activities. With the raised funding, the company aims to achieve further customer success in the UK, the US and Europe.

Provides gamified training

Secure Code Warrior provides a gamified online training platform, which involves self-paced and hands-on training, a real-time spellchecker-style autocorrect coaching plugin and skill-testing tournament mode. With this gamified training, the companies can achieve faster and more secure product development that supports the nimble development principles. In addition to this, the training program provides a powerful layer of cyber protection that is scalable, simple and positive.

Saves time, money and resources

Once the teams start using the tools offered by Secure Code Warrior, they will become better at coding securely. Also, they will spend less time and money in fixing the bugs. Embedding security from the beginning will save time, money and resources in the process of software development. And, it will add a powerful and measurable layer of cyber protection for both the outsourced and in-house developers.

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First point of cyber-defense

The product roadmap of this startup will continue to innovate its platform and empower the developers to be the first point of cyber-defense in their companies by making security their first priority. And, this is possible by helping them with the skills and tools they need to write secure code from the start.

Blue-chip enterprise customer base

Ever since its debut, Secure Code Warrior has built a marquee, blue-chip enterprise customer base comprising 16 of the top 100 global banks including six largest Australian banks. Also, there are top companies in the telecommunications, retail, technology and airline sectors.

“For all the investment in application security tools, services and training, a large percentage of data breaches today are still caused by mistakes when coding,” said Danhieux. “If companies focused on engaging developers in gamified, relevant training and tools that helped them learn to code securely, most vulnerabilities would be prevented, leaving security experts and testing tools to focus on complex problems.”

“It is imperative that organizations take security training seriously, embedding a security-first mindset into their development teams from the start”, added Madou. “Relevant, engaging training is the fastest way to upskill dev teams and empower them with the knowledge to write secure code and build better, safer applications.”

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