Zurich-based startup pioneering silicone 3D printing technology scoops up €1.38M: 6 3D printing startups we’re most excited about in 2019



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Introduced back in 1983, the 3D technology holds immense potential for innovation as it is environmentally-friendly, contributes to lower wastage of materials, and more. This emerging technology is seen as the next big leap and a de facto standard to create new things.

The industrial markets offer some of the most promising applications for 3D printing, including airplanes, cars, oil & gas, and more. A lot of companies including GE, Airbus, and Royal Dutch Shell, are early adopters, end-users, and investors in 3D printing technology already.

Meet Spectroplast!

There are quite a few startups in this space in Europe. Though it is a niche segment still, a few startups have attracted funding. The recent one to score funding is Zurich-based Spectroplast. For the uninitiated, Spectroplast is an award-winning Spinoff from the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Founded in 2018, Spectroplast provides customised 3D printed silicone components with the highest precision straight out of the printer.

Secured €1.38 million!

The 3D printing solution provider has scooped up €1.38 million in a seed funding round led by Munich-based investor AM Ventures. As per the company, this funding will be utilised to scale up its Silicone 3D Printing service and strengthen its position in 3D Printing of pure Silicones for life-enhancing and life-saving products.

Spectoplast CEO, Manuel Schaffner stated:

As an emerging industry, we are just starting to understand how powerful 3D Printing of functional products will become when it is combined with the massive potential offered by industrial scale production. Having the financial support and domain expertise of AMV will help us execute our mission even more rapidly and broadly.

Since the 3D printing continues to gain momentum and take shape, we thought of jotting down some European startups in the field of 3D technology. Do give it a read.

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3D Hubs (Amsterdam)

Founders: Bram de Zwart, Brian Garret, Filemon Schöffer

Funding: €26.8M

The online platform provides readily available production capacity for the fastest lead times and most price-competitive parts. Upload designs to receive instant quotes for 3D printing, CNC machining, and Injection Molding.

3D Hubs’ automated Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis detects any potential issues before production begins, eliminating the risk for customers.


Happyprinting (Utrecht)

Founders: Jean-Pierre Meijer, Sven Rusticus

Funding: €410K

Happyprinting started in 2017 with the development of a very intuitive webshop for online printing, including the brand and marketing. It is available worldwide as a service to printers who want to profit from the strong growth in the online print market and want to grow by working together with Happyprinting.


Volumental (Stockholm)

Founders: Alper Aydemir, Caroline Walerud, Miroslav Kobetski, Rasmus Göransson

Funding: €5.5M

Founded in 2012, Volumental is building a world that will fit everyone. The company provides a fast and straightforward 3D body scanning solution. It includes data for creating customised products and suggesting product recommendations to customers.


Trinckle 3D (Hennigsdorf, Germany)

Founders: Florian Reichle, Gunnar Schulze, Marlene Vogel

Funding: €700K

Founded in 2013, trinckle is a Berlin-based online 3D printing service provider. It’s core offering, paramate, automates design processes and provides a platform for advanced product configuration. paramate enables customer-specific adaptations of any product – whether it be prostheses tailored to the patient, mechanically optimized industrial components like end-of-arm grippers, low-volume jigs, and fixtures, or personalized lifestyle products.


Open Bionics (Bristol, UK)

Founders: Joel Gibbard, Samantha Payne

Funding: €5.2M

Open Bionics is a robotics company creating affordable 3D-printed bionic hands for amputees, researchers, and makers. Within Open Bionics’ business model, 3D printing has played an essential role in bringing the cost of its prosthetic limbs down and in providing custom fits to its clients.


Luxexcel (Kruiningen, The Netherlands)

Founders: Richard Vrie

Funding: €28M

Luxexcel developed a turnkey 3D print solution for ophthalmic laboratories. This in-lab technology solution will offer a revolutionary new approach to lens manufacturing and opens up new opportunities to differentiate and create unique custom ophthalmic products. The company covers a wide-range of portfolio including eyeglasses, VR, industrial lenses, photonics, lighting, automotive, and any other application which requires a lens.

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