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The VR streaming platform is undoubtedly exciting! Why? Because it lets you sit in the cockpit of rafale, stand on another planet, swing across the city like Spiderman, and much more. In a way, the VR streaming platform allows us to relive our childhood fantasies! Just like any other technology, the possibilities it presents are enormous as well. 

With VR streaming, a lot of companies are creating lasting connections by imparting experiences. One among them is Prague-based LIV, a next-generation game streaming platform that wants to make VR gaming more fun to watch. 

Bags €2.3M to enhance its streaming technology

Recently LIV has picked up $2.6 million (€2.3 million) in funding to accelerate its streaming technology, integrate more third-party games studios, and expand the development team. The Series A funding round has been led by Hiro Capital with participation from Credo Ventures and Seedcamp.

Luke Alvarez, the Managing Partner of Hiro, said: 

Hiro is excited to be investing in LIV as our Fund’s second deal and as our first in Esports/Streaming. Doom and his team are super smart, passionate gamers and streamers, living and breathing in the Mixed Reality world, which they are empowering with LIV. While the VR market is still small, the streaming audience is huge. 


It’s worth mentioning that Hiro Capital and LIV first connected at Slush Helsinki in November 2018. And this Series A investment is concurrent with Slush 2019. If you are unaware, Slush is the world’s leading startup and tech event that facilitates meetings between the founders of startups and investors. 

Next-generation game streaming platform!

Founded in 2016 by AJ Shewki (Dr. Doom), Steffan “Ruu” Donal, LIV is a next-generation game streaming platform, built to allow Virtual Reality streamers and game stream audiences to connect and engage with their favourite live streamers and games in real-time. The company’s proprietary technology puts real people inside digital worlds and broadcasts their experience to the world, in real-time.

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Dr. Doom, CEO, and co-founder of LIV said: 

In VR, your body is the controller, and that’s part of the magic. As a player, you are fully immersed in VR, but unless we can show the player’s body interacting with their VR environment, the 2D stream audience is missing out. And that’s how we got started — we wanted to level up the VR spectator experience.

Ultimate VR spectator experiences

With this platform, the company aims to connect Game Developers, Streamers, and Audiences to create the ultimate VR spectator experiences. 

To date, the VR platform is integrated into hundreds of games from leading developers like Beat Games, Cloudhead Games, Survios, and thousands of VR streamers, including Ragesaq and VROasis. Furthermore, it has amassed over 1.5 billion views globally to date in LIV-powered game streams on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc. 

Doom added:

Our next releases will add dynamic lighting, progression systems, and other cool features as the LIV Play platform becomes a massive scale MMO for live gaming spectator-ship. We’re super pleased to bring in investors like Hiro, Credo, and Seedcamp who share our vision of the future.

To drive greater adoption, the companies need to work simultaneously on both the advancement in VR streaming technologies and improving network topologies. As a result, it will inspire more content creators to develop VR to their inventory.

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