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Are you looking for a job and want to work with a winning team that is growing quickly? Well, the growth rate of a company shows if it is a highly rated employer or not. And, when you work for one of the fastest growing companies, you are sure to experience a lot of benefits.

In the current scenario, Germany has a well-developed startup ecosystem and is home to numerous ambitious companies. Eventually, there are many German companies that are growing at a fast pace. Today, here we list 10 such German companies that have appeared in the Dealroom list of fast-growing companies with increased employee growth.


Tier Mobility (Berlin)

Founders – Julian Blessin, Lawrence Leuschner, Matthias Laug

Funding – €27 million

Founded in 2018, Tier Mobility aims to change urban commuting by providing electric scooter rentals making it possible to reach even the last mile. The electric scooter startup focuses on reducing pollution in the cities with its offerings. Users can hire electric scooters via the app and can locate the nearest available vehicle. Notably, it charges as low as €1 to unlock an electric scooter and €0.15 per minute for a ride.

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N26 Group (Berlin)

Founders – Maximilian Tayenthal, Valentin Stalf

Funding – €466 million

N26 launched in 2013 offers mobile banking solutions to users in European Union customers. It provides investment, international money transfer, cash withdrawal, overdraft and deposits at stores. It lets users manage accounts via any device of their choice. And, facilitates opening an account via a video chat with IDnow, the identity verification partner of N26.


Lateral (Berlin)

Founders – Benjamin Wilson, Felix Grönemeyer, Martin Karlsson, Max Novakovic

Funding – €300k

Lateral was launched in 2013 with the intention to help people discover information that they want. It established a foundation to help companies that provide a personalised experienced removing the barrier that exists between people and information. It uses machine learning to recommend information automatically based on what you are working on in the cloud.


Urban Sports Club (Berlin)

Founders – Benjamin Roth, Moritz Kreppel

Funding – €11 million

Established in 2012, Urban Sports Club is a European market leader offering sports memberships. The company has come up with a flexible membership model to replace the traditional sports and fitness subscription models. Its app offers a single membership for members to book activities and participate in free training at the partner venues. Its membership cost ranges from €29 to €128 per month.


Lilium (Weßling)

Founders – Daniel Wiegand, Matthias Meiner, Patrick Nathen, Sebastian Born

Funding – €92.2 million

Lilium founded in 2015 is a disruptive aviation startup that has developed a revolutionary on-demand air mobility service. It designs, manufacturers and will soon operate its first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet called Lilium Jet. It operates with the intention to create a revolutionary air mobility solution with the world’s smartest technology and aims to create the way people commute in urban spaces.


Tourlane (Berlin)

Founders – Julian Stiefel, Julian Weselek

Funding – €28.8 million

Online travel startup Tourlane was started in 2016. It was founded with the mission to help travellers create customised trips that will last for a lifetime. The German startup plans and books personalised trips for travellers at an affordable cost. It operates with different logistics service providers including accommodations, transfer, flights and other activities in the respective countries.


Clark (Frankfurt)

Founders – Christopher Oster, Marco Adelt, Steffen Glomb

Funding – €42.2 million

Clark, an insurance platform was founded in 2015. It provides users with cheap, transparent and comprehensive insurance cover. The fintech startup offers smart comparable solutions for insurance products. It does this by combining its insurance and technology expertise. As of now, it has offices in Berlin and Frankfurt and is backed by FinLeap, a Berlin-based fintech incubator.


Omni:us (Berlin)

Founders – Eric Pfarl, Harald Gölles, Martin Micko, Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss

Funding – €27.8 million

Founded in 2015, Omni:us is an AI-powered insurtech startup. It has developed a cutting-edge AI technology empowering all organisations within the sector to innovate and meet the requirements of customers. As of now, it works with industry experts across four continents and is bullish to grow in the US market.


Cluno (Munich)

Founders – Andreas Schuierer, Christina Maria Polleti, Nico Polleti

Funding – €32.5 million

Founded in 2017, Cluno is a digital car subscription service providing drivers with an alternative solution to buying a car. It uses an app that helps users book a car. Cluno’s car subscription lets users book a car in just three minutes via the app by paying a monthly fee. The car that the users’ book will reach the desired location without any hassle.


Staffbase (Chemnitz)

Founders – Frank Wolf, Lutz Gerlach, Martin Böhringer

Funding – €11.1 million

Staffbase is a B2B SaaS company launched in 2014. The startup helps companies optimise international communication and understand their employees better. It paves way for secure communications via branded apps that work even on the desktop.

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