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Recently, Proof of Impact (“POI”), an Amsterdam-based global marketplace where one can donate or invest directly into measurable impact outcomes, has closed its first institutional investment round led by Franklin Templeton. However, the amount of the deal was not disclosed. 

In addition to Franklin Templeton, the following leading venture capital firms have joined in this investment round: Ausum Ventures, Crypto Valley Venture Capital, and Pangea Blockchain fund.

 This investment round will help the Dutch company to continue its fast growth and execute its ambitious goal of securitizing proven impact and bringing proven impact investment products to global capital markets.

Apart from investments, a representative of Franklin Templeton will serve on the Proof of Impact B.V. board, offering their expertise in the application of blockchain technology and impact investing as well as scaling the POI offering globally. 

Measurable impact outcomes!

Founded in 2017 by Fleur Heyns, Proof of Impact is building a global marketplace on the blockchain where one can donate or invest directly into measurable impact outcomes.

Furthermore, The marketplace allows impact implementers (NGOs, companies, initiatives etc.) to deliver verifiable impact events at an individual level and sell them directly to donors and impact investors. 

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The company aims to offer liquid impact investment products and investment portfolios supported by blockchain technology to mobilise greater quantities and more diversified capital for proven impact.

Proof of Impact co-founder Fleur Heyns from The Netherlands said:

From the outset, we were adamant for Proof of Impact to attract commercial capital that can add long-term strategic value at the “technology — impact — finance” intersection we would like to dominate. We are extremely pleased that a global financial institution with extensive emerging market investment product experience and distribution capacity is committed to building the next generation impact investment market with us. 

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