Amsterdam’s e-bike manufacturer VanMoof unveils new e-bikes S5 & A5: Specs, price and more



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Amsterdam-based e-bike manufacturer VanMoof on Tuesday announced its latest generation of e-bikes, VanMoof S5 and A5. The e-bikes feature a silent and powerful motor, long-range battery, and anti-theft technology. The announcement comes six months after announcing a high-speed e-bike dubbed VanMoof V.


The S5 features a straight frame with slightly smaller wheels and offers a high riding position. The A5 comes with an angled frame, making it easy to jump on and off, and enhances comfort and confidence for people new to biking. The A5 also comes with multiple cargo options making it ideal for city errands

“The A5 is our first one-frame-fits-all, opening up e-biking to a wider audience,” says Ties Carlier, co-founder of VanMoof.


VanMoof says the new handlebar interface made up of LED Halo Rings communicates real-time feedback on speed, battery levels, unlocking, and more. 

“Riding an e-bike should be ultra-easy. Thanks to the Halo ring interface our Gen 5 is an e-bike even first-timers will enjoy before ever needing to pick up the manual,” says Job Stehmann, Head of Product Design at VanMoof.

The company’s anti-theft technology has been improved with a revamped in-wheel kick lock, bigger pin, and new auto retract function. The e-bike secures itself with a tap and is able to unlock automatically upon the rider’s return.

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Additionally, there is an optional phone mount and USB-C charging port, making navigation and charging easy on the go. 

“Only a handful of parts remain from our previous models, the S3 and X3. Every last detail from the frame down to the chipsets and sensors has been engineered for the smoothest, most powerful ride ever,” adds Carlier.

The 5-Series e-bikes come equipped with an ultra-silent Gen-5 motor. The VanMoof S5 and A5 respond to the rider’s own distinct pace and movement, thanks to upgraded electronics, rebooted torque sensor, and Gen 5 E-shifter. 

The VanMoof S5 & A5 come in grey and are on sale worldwide from April 5 for $2998, €2498, and £2298. The deliveries start in July. 

VanMoof: What you need to know

VanMoof was founded by Dutch brothers Taco and Ties Carlier in 2009 with a vision to create a perfect city bike. VanMoof Brand Stores are now available in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tokyo. 

The company plans to expand its store to at least 50 cities worldwide through dedicated Service Hubs in the upcoming years.


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