EIT Digital releases annual report 2017: posts growth in all performance indicators

EIT Digital releases annual report 2017: posts growth in all performance indicators

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In a recent development, Europe’s leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation, EIT Digital released its annual report for the year 2017 titled “Delivering Transformation.”

As per the numbers revealed in the report, the organisation seems to have excelled in all key performance indicators including partnerships, student population, venture portfolio, budgets and more. 

This growth has led to an increase in results, both in terms of quantity and quality. This has made us a recognised player in the European landscape of digital innovation, transformation, and skills. Building on this, we will further expand our impact in the creation of economic and societal value, thereby helping Europe to play a prominent role in the digital world,” said Prof Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital.

Here at Silicon Canals today, we take a look at the all the main achievements of EIT Digital in the last one year.

#1 Two new Nodes added

For those who are not aware, nodes are vibrant hotspots operated by EIT Digital. These consist of a physical “Co-location Centre” where most of the activities are carried out. EIT Digital added 2 news nodes which include Budapest and Madrid.  

#2 More partners and educational initiatives

The organisation added 25 news partners to its vibrant ecosystem out of which 15 of them belonged to industrial enterprises. The most significant initiatives were undertaken regarding education. Further, EIT Digital also runs a ‘Digital Masters Programs’ in disciplines such as autonomous systems, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data science.

Around 1,350 students got admitted to EIT Digital Master programmes including 291 newly enrolled students. The most visible contribution was enhancing the reach of EIT Digital’s MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and 70,000 students have taken these courses so far.

#3 Entrepreneurship and innovation

EIT Digital created 9 new companies as a result of innovation activities it carried out last year. It also supported 33 plus scaleups in the region and 90 products and services were also launched.

Key highlights of EIT Digital’s journey of growth since launching

  • 156 partners in the ecosystem
  • Over 500 European actors engaged
  • 500+ innovations to market
  • 1000+ students enrolled in Master and Doctoral School
  • 100s of participants attending professional school

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