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Amsterdam-based IT services firm Getronics has invested in a strategic partnership with the Spanish company Victrix, the developer of the Socsan telehealthcare platform. The investment is a part of Getronics’ innovation incubator, where Getronics is seeking innovative companies whose solutions can complement or enhance its portfolio. Reportedly, the amount of Getronics’ capital injection into Victrix has not been disclosed.

Meanwhile, the company has established a compelling track record in sourcing innovative IT solutions which bring important benefits to the community. With the latest development, Francisco Sáez, Regional Managing Director of Getronics Iberia, is joining the Victrix board of directors as well.

“Our extensive market research had identified demand for disruptive innovation in the traditional telehealthcare market. Victrix is a classic example of a dynamic and agile start-up company, with a very high level of niche expertise, vision and ambition to develop and deliver high-value customer-focused solutions”, said Sáez. “Victrix will continue to lead through its highly experienced commercial and technical management, while receiving all the support characteristic of a powerful ICT Group in Getronics. This is clearly a very strong partnership”.

Victrix was founded in 2016 with the recruitment of a team in digital telehealthcare. They built a software platform to meets new market demands and create synergies between health and social care systems, promoting a new model based on extracting and analyzing data from a variety of health and social care sources to provide low-cost, highly effective, proactive interventions for chronic disease management, elder care and well-being.

Clearly, Getronics has formed partnership with Victrix to get access to these innovative solutions in order to strengthen its portfolio to offer clients focused solutions which deliver high value-added services, based on new digital data sources.

“The transaction combines all the flexibility and focus of our dedicated specialist team with the strength and depth of a large company infrastructure. This is great news, especially for telehealthcare customers who can look forward to getting powerful new digital solutions. Together, Getronics and Victrix have a technical and commercial roadmap to rapidly become the leading provider of digital telecare and telehealth platforms in Europe”, declared Joe Killen, Victrix CEO.

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“We have always had a prominent position in the healthcare segment, with a robust application platform recognized for its excellence by our clients. The strategic partnership with Victrix confirms that our obsession with innovation is one of the pillars of our competitiveness and positions us as one of the great players in the market with a world-leading solution”, said Nana Baffour, Chairman and Group CEO of Getronics.

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