Digital Waves #7: Dutch startup OneFit to foray in Barcelona, plans expansion in 10 European cities by 2020

Digital Waves #7: Dutch startup OneFit to foray in Barcelona, plans expansion in 10 European cities by 2020

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OneFit is a monthly subscription that gives you access to the best gyms and studios in Amsterdam. Founded by Camille Richardson and Serge Brabander in 2013, the OneFit app provides access to more than 500 different gyms and studios in main Dutch and German cities.

Recently our founder, Remco Janssen got an opportunity to meet Camille Richardson, CFO of OneFit at Emerce eDay Scale-up Cafe held in Amsterdam. Camille Richardson revealed a lot more about the company’s future, funding, and more.

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Heads up about OneFit

OneFit is a provider of the platform and member card that gives access to 147 different gyms and studios in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht. To be specific, OneFit has one membership plan where you can work out in any of the locations in your city ranging from fitness, yoga studios, Bootcamp CrossFit, swimming, golf, tennis, and more for one single price – €59. Moreover, you can use the app to access the location and book any class as well.

OneFit – Netflix for the gym

OneFit is a place where you can consume more sport just like Netflix with movies. In future, we are trying to add more value by helping people commit to working out for the longer term. Moreover, we believe creating habits is like super-important, in the end, to be able to maintain working out. We are working on something, where we actually help people to create their own routine and recommendations. With this move, people will have lots of options per week which in turn keeps them motivated and inspired.

Coming to Barcelona!

“At present, we are active in six cities out of which four are from the Netherlands and two in Germany. Further, we are planning to launch in Barcelona, Spain, in November. Camille Richardson, CFO of OneFit said, ” Barcelona is a cool city with warm weather. Moreover, the sports participation in Barcelona is like super high and has a high density of gym. Also, brands like Nike focuses more on cities like Barcelona. People in this city make enough money to afford like a gym membership as well.”

Funding information

OneFit has raised a total of €5.1M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on May 2, 2018, from a Series A round led by INKEF Capital. “Our first seed investor was Peak Capital, they helped us a lot to get into the next stage.” When asked about investors injecting a lot of money into OneFit, he said, “First of all, our growth numbers were like super impressive -10 million in revenue in 2018. I think that’s always what’s really convincing for investors. Secondly, we were able to replicate the right things in Amsterdam and other cities, which provides a lot of trust for an investor.

Tons of deals with companies already

When asked about Barcelona being a market for corporate fitness, Richardson said, ” We already have a ton of deals with companies who come to us ask for employees membership. So we already do that, we transfer, we have scotch and soda as a new customer coming in.”

Professional athletes background certainly helps

As quoted by Richardson, “It certainly helps! The beginning you have to be super persistent and especially the first two and a half years were like super top hard. We had put a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get where we are and still fighting today for every inch.”

We want to win the game

We are definitely a product-focused company trying to build the best product out there. “I’m not saying we already have the best product, but I think definitely in the right direction.Around 2020, we would like to be active at least in 10 European cities.”

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