10 cool Irish AI scaleups to watch in 2019

10 cool Irish AI scaleups to watch in 2019

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In Europe, Ireland is one of the countries with the lowest corporate taxes and regulations. This makes many tech companies analyse options to have their headquarters there. Most Irish tech companies are based in Dublin and have transformed the city into a tech hub. Furthermore, they have attracted new talent and investors and have created the right conditions to make the country’s startup scene flourish and result in many scaleups.

There are predictions that Brexit will attract more companies to come to Ireland and other markets. Irrespective of the Brexit surge, there are advancements in the Artificial Intelligence sector. Eventually, there are many Irish AI scaleups and here we have the fast-growing ones listed here as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Cormac O’Neill
Founded Year: 2016

Why its hot: The Conversational Middleware company Webio offers an AI-driven customer engagement technology platform. With this platform, this company lets customers communicate with companies via messages apps and voice interfaces including WhatsApp, Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SMS, etc. In a recent move, Webio also joined EIT Digital Accelerator and it has already won many awards.


Founders: Nora Khaldi
Funding: €29 million
Valuation: €64 million – €96 million
Founded Year: 2014

Why its hot: Nuritas is a biotech company, which has built a medical platform. This platform uses artificial intelligence to analyse peptides present in food and claims it to be 500 times faster than existing technology. Initially, when it was launched, Nuritas focused on diabetes as there are estimates that over 352 million people are affected by the ailment.


Founders: Alan Giles, Dave O’Flanagan, Dermot O’Connor
Funding: €17.3 million
Valuation: $48 million – $72 million
Founded Year: 2011

Why its hot: Travel tech company Boxever provides data science and customer intelligence services for its clients including Aer Lingus and Emirates. The Customer Intelligence Cloud of Boxever is used by major airlines and travel firms as it helps them analyse marketing efforts and customer data via machine learning and predictive analytics.


Founders: John Beckett, Niall O’Gorman
Funding: €12.1 million
Valuation: €35 million – €53 million
Founded Year: 2013

Why its hot: ChannelSight is a platform that lets brands grow their online and offline sales by providing them insights into the performance of their content and campaign. Its technology lets large brands such as Philips, Bosch, Pepsi and Mondelez drive sales using their digital content. Also, clients of ChannelSight get an understanding of what content and ads are effective in the digital channels.

Kitman Labs

Founders: Iarfhlaith Kelly, Stephen Smith
Funding: €12.1 million
Valuation: €14 million – €21 million
Founded Year: 2012

Why its hot: Kitman Labs is an industry leading sports analytics company. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the performance and health of athletes. The powerful insights offered by Kitman Labs is used by teams across the world so that they can outperform the competition. The company aims to solve problems related to performance and connect the same with health and training.


Founders: Alex Kelly, Ian Nolan
Funding: €10.1 million
Valuation: $32 million – $47 million
Founded Year: 2014

Why its hot: Brightflag is an intelligent software service provider for modern legal teams. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to for automated invoice review, in-depth reporting and e-billing for large corporate legal teams across the world. The company operates with the objective to plan, deliver and report to make legal work more efficient.


Founders: Noel Ruane, Peter Cahill
Funding: €7.3 million
Valuation: $32 million – $48 million
Founded Year: 2012

Why its hot: Voysis operates with the mission to be the de-facto independent platform letting businesses rapidly stand up a deep domain, brand-specific intelligence voice systems. This will enable rich natural language interactions between users and brands.


Founders: Peter Keeling
Funding: €4.3 million
Founded Year: 2005

Why its hot: Diaceutics is a medtech startup involved in developing data-driven diagnostics tools for medical and pharmaceutical sectors. It primarily focuses on cancer diagnostics. The company uses artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis and is working with Lenovo and Intel on a project. The goal of this company is to enable better testing that will pave the way for better treatment decisions.


Founders: Giovanni Tummarello, Renaud Delbru
Funding: €4 million
Valuation: €12 million – €18 million
Founded Year: 2010

Why its hot: At Siren, they believe that a combination of big data, business intelligence, search, graph and knowledge representation will help organisations address some most important problems. It won the Startup of the Year award in 2018, Technology Innovation of the Year 2019 and more for its ground-breaking innovation.


Founders: Parsa Ghaffari
Funding: €3 million
Valuation: €8 million – €12 million
Founded Year: 2012

Why its hot: AYLIEN uses artificial intelligence to empower thousands of enterprises and developers gather, analyse and understand the vast amount of human-generated content. The company uses machine learning to deliver powerful products that can simplify a complex process and also automate them.

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