10 hottest tech startups to work for in Finland in 2019

10 hottest tech startups to work for in Finland in 2019

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Finland is home to many interesting startups helping it set up a strong startup ecosystem. When it comes to the technological advancements, Finland aims to be a forerunner, especially in the implementation of 5G technology.

Helsinki has a thriving ecosystem with many startups across categories such as gaming, edutech, fintech, AI and healthtech. Also, there are many cool tech startup events taking place in the country. If you are looking for a job in Finland, then here we list 10 cool tech startups to work for in the country. It is to be noted, we have compiled the list with the help of Dealroom.

Varjo (Helsinki)

Founders – Klaus Melakari, Niko Eiden, Roope Rainisto, Urho Konttori
Funding – €38 million

Varjo Technologies established in 2016 aims to make the world’s first human-eye resolution product that works on VR/XR (virtual reality and mixed reality). This product is aimed at the industrial usage. It has already collaborated with technology firms such as Audi, Saab, Lilium, Airbus, Sellen, Volvo Cars and Volkswagen to optimise the headset as per their business and requirements.

Wolt (Helsinki)

Founders – Elias Pietilä, Juhani Mykkänen, Lauri Andler, Mika Matikainen, Miki Kuusi, Oskari Petas
Funding – €14.1 million

Founded in 2014, Wolt offers home delivery of restaurant food to users in less than 30 minutes. There are many services that provide food delivery but this startup is aimed at making their service good for both the restaurant and end users.

HappyOrNot (Tampere)

Founders – Heikki Väänänen, Ville Levaniemi
Funding – €13.9 million

The Tampere-based startup was founded in 2009. It is a feedback data analytics company, which makes customer feedback terminals where customers can choose four different smiley faces ranging from happy to sad as per the service they have received. This is seen in airports and supermarkets. As of now, HappyOrNot has over 4,000 clients including McDonald’s.

HoxHunt (Helsinki)

Founders – Mika Aalto, Pyry Åvist
Funding – €2.4 million

Established in 2016, HoxHunt gamifies training for employees to enhance cybersecurity. The company’s AI solution simulates real phishing attacks on users of an organisation and reveals the techniques used by attackers to infiltrate the organisations. It rewards those employees who report attacks – be simulated or real.

Oura (Oulu)

Founders – Kari Kivela, Markku Koskela, Petteri Lahtela
Funding – €18 million

Founded in 2013, Oura is a unique wearable device designed to estimate the sleep performance of users. With the Oura ring and its app, users will get feedback to improve their health. This way, users will be able to understand their body and reach their goals.

Freska (Helsinki)

Founders – Esa Vuolas
Funding – €12.5 million

Freska is an on-demand online home cleaning service launched in 2015. It is the first Finnish company to offer online booking for professional home cleaning services. Freska offers an intelligent platform optimising cleaners by minimising the need to travel from one customer’s home to another. Eventually, it makes them more productive.

Smartly.io (Helsinki)

Founders – Kristo Ovaska, Tuomo Riekki
Funding – €2.5 million

Smartly.io founded in 2013 is a SaaS company aiming to fully automate and optimise online marketing for the largest advertisers all over the world. The company operates with the mission to make online advertising easy, enjoyable and efficient. It does this by combining ad operations, creative automation and outstanding customer service.

MaaS Global Oy (Helsinki)

Founders – Kaj Pyyhtia, Sampo Hietanen
Funding – €21.2 million

Founded in 2015, MaaS Global believes that transport has to get smarter. It is the world’s first mobility operator that is set to make a major change in transport ever since affordable cars have entered the market. It aims to provide everyone with an alternative to owning one. It offers efficient, easy and sustainable mobility for users.

Matchmade (Helsinki)

Founders – Jiri Kupiainen, Leo Lännenmäki
Funding – €6.8 million

Matchmade is a gaming influencer marketing platform launched in 2014. The platform has analysed over 3 million channels and over 300 million videos on YouTube. Matchmade lets advertisers to search for, reach out and communicate with multiple influences from one place.

Small Giant Games (Helsinki)

Founders – Markus Halttunen, Otto Nieminen
Funding – €46.2 million

Smart Giant Games is a game development startup founded in 2012. It aims to become one of the most successful studios by creating engaging battle RPG games with social features and support for multiple players. It team members are pioneers in social multiplayer and free-to-play games.

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