10 innovative blockchain startups in Berlin disrupting traditional industries in 2019

10 innovative blockchain startups in Berlin disrupting traditional industries in 2019

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Berlin, the German capital is a hotbed of startups. The city is known for traits such as affordable living cost, thousands of expats and a strong entrepreneurial system. Berlin-based startups have specialised in many verticals and blockchain and cryptocurrency are not let alone.

Blockchain is a buzzword right now and every industry including fintech, healthcare, etc. wants to make use of the same. However, it is in the nascent stages and is yet to grow in many sectors. With the serious implementation of blockchain by many companies, it is possible for the tech to grow at a rapid pace. Today, we have curated a list of fast-growing Berlin-based blockchain startups as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Jörg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, Benjamin P. Jones
Funding: €6.4 million

Bitwala is a blockchain banking startup operating since 2015 with the aim to empower power to exchange value similar to ideas. Bitwala offers a bank account that is connected to crypto. It offers the first regulated bank account with an integrated Bitcoin wallet and trading. And, you can manage banking, store bitcoins and trade cryptocurrencies via the same account.

Energy Web Foundation

Founders: Ana Trbovich
Funding: €2.3 million

Founded in 2017, Energy Web Foundation is a global non-profit company, which unleashes the potential of blockchain in the energy sector. With blockchain in the energy sector, the company reduces transaction cost, brings about transparency and enhances data security. It also accelerates the transition to a decentralised, digitalised, resilient and decarbonised energy system. It has offices in Germany, Switzerland and the US.


Founders: Alexander Graf, Boris Lokschin
Funding: €20 million

Spryker is a tech startup, which offers a unique commerce operating system and a wide range of related customer interfaces that enable companies to harness the complete potential of their products and services. Established in 2014, the team has over 15 years of experience in e-commerce. The Spryker Commerce OS provides customers all the functionalities required to grow in the future.


Founders: Mehemed Bougsea, Joscha Raue, Amel Abid
Funding: €280k

Think-it is an engineering company on a mission to unlock human potential with the use of technology. Since 2017, the company is backed by mission-aligned partners bridging the gap between supply and demand via a unique approach, which combines agile learning techniques. The company is committed to promote diversity, equality and inclusion within the team, partner teams and investor networks.


Founders: Marcin Rudolf, Zoe Adamovicz
Funding: €12 million

In 2016, Neufund provides an end-to-end solution for asset tokenisation and issuance. Equity Tokens, the first application of the company, which enables companies to conduct regulated offerings on blockchain. The startup to enable ownership for all by making ownership efficient, transparent and accessible.


Founders: Benjamin Bollen, Chris Dark, Ignas Peciura, Jason Goldberg, Sunil Khedar
Funding: €3.4 million

OST is involved in developing blockchain protocols and related software since 2016. It helps businesses shift their operations to the blockchain and employ token-based economies. The purpose of OST is to help mainstream companies benefit from blockchain.


Founders: Peter Harris
Funding: €910k

Resonate is committed to change the music industry for good. Founded in 2015, the company has built a direct artist-to-fan music platform. Founded in 2015, Resonate supports artists in all stages of their career and people from all races, backgrounds, genders, religions and ages without any harassment.


Founders: Bruce Pon, Maria (Masha) McConaghy, Trent McConaghy
Funding: €4.9m

BigchainDB lets developers and enterprises deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts since 2014. The company starts with a distributed database and adds blockchain characteristics to it. It supports a wide range of industries and use cases from intellectual property, IoT, supply chains and more. With high throughput, powerful functionality and sub-second latency, this blockchain startup automates business processes, looks, acts and feels like a database and has blockchain characteristics needed by enterprises.


Founders: Ivan Morozov, Jesper Noehr, Martin Kassing

Established in 2017, Upvest provides powerful APIs to interact with major open-source blockchains. Even its simplest API helps developers build blockchains application more reliable, faster and cheaper. The infrastructure of Upvest provides security by design.


Founders: Philipp Geppert, Robin Lawson

eSports.com is a media-tech company bringing news, scores and statistics to both sports enthusiasts and casual gamers. The company supports the formation, activity and growth of eSports organisations across the world. The team produces a consistent stream of multimedia content and delivers both quantity and quality to the eSports ecosystem. It uses blockchain technology and provides a secure, unified and transparent digital environment.

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