19 Finnish startups represent the world-changing digital innovations at MWC 2019

19 Finnish startups represent the world-changing digital innovations at MWC 2019

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This time, at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Finland Pavilion (5C41) will host 19 innovative Finnish tech SMEs. Most of these companies will be announcing new products. Anne Berner, the Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland will inaugurate the Women in Tech evening reception with a keynote detailing about 5G and digital transformation.

5G is in the nascent stages but Finland is already exploring 6G. The country is envisioning a data-driven society with unlimited and near-instant wireless connectivity. The Finland Pavilion at MWC 2019 showcases the future of technology with abundant digital solutions including IoT, 5G, AR, VR and XR.

The schedule at Finland Pavilion

On the whole, 19 Finnish companies will be showcasing their solutions and demos that are aimed at changing the world with digital innovations. Also, there will be programs at the event from Monday to Wednesday at the pavilion.

On February 25 at 5 PM, the main speaker of the evening had dedicated to the Women in Tech. Opened by Anne Berner, Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications, the reception highlights the career opportunities in the Finnish companies and also demonstrates why the country is the best place for women to pursue a career in leading companies.

“Finland plans to be a forerunner as a user and developer of 5G technology. Our Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, has created a 5G ecosystem that will accelerate the development of new innovations and services through collaboration with other 5G experiments,” said Anne Berner.

On February 26 at 5 PM, Antti Aumo, the Executive Director at Business Finland and the main speaker at the pavilion gave a keynote about the country and the development and effects of 5G/6G on businesses. This keynote was followed by a panel discussion involved experts from Wirepas, University of Oulu, Miradore and Cloudstreet.

On February 27 at 5 PM, Juha-Matti Liukkonen from Reaktor, Tuomas Korpela from VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and Antonio Franchi from European Space Agency will be the main speakers. They will explore the business development of New Space Economy.

19 Finland companies at MWC 2019

On the whole, 19 companies will be present at the Finland Pavilion and will showcase their products of digital innovations. Most companies including Optofidelity and Exomi will launch new products at MWC 2019.

Haltian, a product development and IoT solutions provider that is growing in terms of popularity across the world is also present at the pavilion. Notably, Haltian was rewarded in 2018 by Gartner with the Cool Vendor recognition in the IoT service suppliers category. The company also raised one of the biggest funding rounds in Finland last year.

Varjo, a leader in industry-grade VR/XR headsets announced the first human-eye resolution virtual reality device called Varjo VR-1. This VR device is designed for professionals in training, simulation, engineering, industrial design, construction and architecture industries. It has over 20 times more resolution than the other VR headsets on the market. It uses the world’s most advanced eye-tracking capability and enables high-precision analytics and interaction with the human-eye resolution VR content.

The other Finland companies taking part in the pavilion include Empower, FysionLayer, Jolla, Minima, BusinessOulu, TESTiLabs, Miradore, Unikie, Fairspectrum, CoreHW, OptoFidelity and VTT.

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