These Virtual Reality startups in the Netherlands are making a difference

These Virtual Reality startups in the Netherlands are making a difference

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It is known that the Netherlands is a startup hotbed. The country is home for many innovative tech startups and that doesn’t leave the VR aka Virtual Reality startups. Most of the startups that have their roots in the country are founded by local entrepreneurs but the trend is gradually changing as the Netherlands is becoming an epicenter for foreign investments.

One of the reasons is the co-working space trend that is progressing rapidly in the country. Notably, Amsterdam has an array of notable options including WeWork and Spaces. And, there are nascent co-working spaces such as VR Base dedicated to the VR companies.

Apparently, these startups are stepping up the Virtual Reality game in the Netherlands. And, Silicon Canals has come up with six Virtual Reality startups based in the country.

#1 Beyond Sports

Alkmaar VR startup, Beyond Sports transforms real soccer games into Virtual Reality for sports fans and clubs. It was founded in 2009 by Sander J Schouten to transform the real match data into VR simulation to help pro-teams improve their training methods and insights. In June 2018, this startup received a funding of €2.2 million from Seth Bernstein, Triple IT, Eric Aroesty.

#2 Sense Glove

Founded in 2017 by Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter in Delft, Sense Glove has received a funding of €300k. Sense Glove has come up with a high-tech glove that lets you touch and feel objects in VR. The glove looks promising and uses haptic and force feedback technology. Volkswagen and Sense Glove closed a deal to train the assembly staff of the former to use the technology.

#3 inMotion VR

Hertogenbosch startup inMotion VR was founded in early 2016. The startup is changing healthcare by offering precise, adaptive and personalized exercises in Virtual Reality. The usage of VR in physical therapy and treatments optimizes the therapy resulting in optimal outcomes. It also reduces health care cost and increases patient therapy loyalty.

#4 Smart2VR

Founded in 2014 in Hengelo, Smart2VR is a Virtual Reality CMS platform. This startup lets you upload, manage and personalize your VR content with its easy to use and quick CMS platform. With this platform, you can upload and edit your own Virtual Reality content such as 360-degree photos and videos and add your own color scheme, logo and content details. You can distribute the VR content on the VR app compatible with iOS and Android, Web VR and Facebook.

#5 VR Peekaboo

Maastricht startup VR Peekaboo founded in 2015 helps in establishing a bond between you and your unborn baby during pregnancy. Founders of the startup, Nitzan Merguei and Piotr Podziemski describe it as an experience that goes beyond 3D ultrasound letting parents use their hands to interact with their baby with the help of Virtual Reality.

#6 Force Field VR

Founded in 2016, Force Field VR is a development studio dedicated to state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The startup creates high-end games, innovative video and TV content, groundbreaking applications and unique interactive experiences. With its headquarters in Amsterdam, this startup has raised €1 million investment.

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