7 amazing Dutch tech companies currently hiring at the fastest rate in 2019

7 amazing Dutch tech companies currently hiring at the fastest rate in 2019

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Tech is growing and expanding rapidly all over the world including Europe. One of the major countries in the continent that offers a flourishing platform for tech startups is the Netherlands. As there are numerous startups and companies that operate in the Dutch land, there is always a high demand for fresh talent. Apparently, several tech companies in the country are hunting for new graduates and aspiring professionals.

According to a recent research by Erasmus University’s centre for entrepreneurship, leading online supermarket Dutch startup Picnic has increased its workforce by 162% as of 2018 creating nearly 1700 new jobs. Further, The Netherlands-based online food delivery company Takeaway is also said to have boosted its workforce by 88%. So, if you’re a fresh graduate, new in the city or just want to switch to a better job, here we have listed 7 Dutch tech companies that are looking forward to hiring employees rapidly in 2019. You can thank us later.


Founders – Joris Beckers, Frederik Nieuwenhuys and Michiel Muller

Funding – €100 million

Founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, Picnic is a Dutch online grocery delivery service that uses electric vehicles. Basically, the customers will choose the ride that is best for them and will get to know half an hour before the time of delivery. Due to the new way of distribution that is not too expensive, the cost for the groceries is low and there is free delivery.


Founders – Jitse Groen

Funding – €86 million

Online food delivery marketplace Takeaway was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam. It connects millions of users across ten European countries and has partnered with almost 44,000 local restaurants via websites and apps. As of now, it operates in Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Austria and Belgium.


Founders – Hugo de Koning, Bram Bosveld and Rogier Thewessen

YoungCapital was founded in Hoofddorp in 1999. It uses an app integrated with machine learning to make the recruitment process faster and more efficient. The company believes that machine learning is a necessity in the field of recruitment. The company believes that young people are a growth capital for any business and this motto is evident from its name.


Founders – Shay Banon, Anthony Nemitz, Steven Schuurman and Thomas Steinacher

Funding – €147 million

Elastic is a deep tech startup founded in Amsterdam in 2012. The company builds software to make data usable in real time for search, logging, security, and analytics use cases. It was initially started as a full-text search engine but it transformed into something else.


Founders – Pieter Zwart, Paul de Jong and Bart Kuijpers

Funding – €140 million

Founded in 1999 in Rotterdam, Coolblue is a Dutch e-commerce company. Recently, the company incorporated Augmented Reality to its app. This feature lets customers place a TV virtually in their room and choose the product. It is touted to be the first e-commerce company to integrate AR into this field.


Founders – René Scholten, Nico Laan and Jan Gieles

Founded in 2004, Calco, the Dutch outsourced IT recruitment and training services company was acquired by Inflexion in January 2018. The company focuses on training junior professionals to the finance and insurance sectors. Gradually, it has expanded into other sectors such as logistics, healthcare, energy, telecoms and consumer goods.


Founders – Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff

Funding raised – €293 million

Founded in 2006 in Amsterdam, Adyen has developed a payments platform for the fast-growing businesses. This payments platform intends to simplify and accelerate global payments. With this platform, merchants can accept payments in a single system thus paving way for revenue growth online, at the point of sale terminals and on mobile devices.

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