Fly like a pro with these 8 airplane travel tips

Fly like a pro with these 8 airplane travel tips

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Travel can be stressful due to traffic-clogged airports, chaotic boarding procedures, malfunctioning check-in machines, overpriced restaurants, and dwindling overhead space. Apparently, flying is a pandemonium unless you are prepared well in advance. There are confusing security checks and connecting flights that make the travel experience cumbersome. Especially, if you are an entrepreneur, who has to travel frequently, then it could be highly stressful to be on-the-move all the time.

There are some air travel tips to help you relax and enjoy the flight, but there could be many of them making the preparation process chaotic. If you browse for air travel tips, then you will come across hundreds and thousands of tips. And, there’s a fair chance for you to know most of these tips such as arriving early at the airport, carrying a pair of eyemask, etc.

Looking for airplane travel tips that would be really useful? Well, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, the founder and CEO of The Next Web has shared a few tips that are useful for commuters. These flight travel tips will definitely be useful for travelling entrepreneurs as it will ease the stress due to commute and make them relax during the journey.

#1 Travelling across time zones

If you travel to a different time zone, then it is essential to adjust to the same a few days ahead of the flight. For instance, if the time difference with the destination is six hours, then you need to go to bed two hours later two days before the flight and four hours later just the day before. This way, you will be able to adjust to the new time zone the day of your flight.

Stewards suggest adjusting the clock to the new time the day before the flight. Undoubtedly, this will ease in getting used to the new time zone.

#2 Skincare is essential

It is essential to focus on skincare during the flight. The air in the flight is extremely dry, so you need to carry a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Applying moisturiser before and during the flight travel will make you feel much better with soft and supple skin.

#3 Avoid eating at the airport

Its always suggested to have a good meal before heading to the airport. And, you should avoid having junk or fast food at the airport. You can also carry along some snacks such as nuts, energy bards, fruits, etc. to feed on when you are hungry as you wait for the flight. This is not only a healthy option but also helps you save money as the airport restaurants are quite expensive.

Besides snacks, it is also suggested to take a bottle or two of water before you board the flight. Of course, you can ask the flight attendants for water, but there are chances for them to by generally busy.

#4 Shoot your questions

While you are on board, you will have to depend on the flight attendants for almost anything that you want. Instead of feeling ignored and annoyed by busy flight attendants, it is better to ask them if it is going to be a busy commute. Shooting questions will help make your flight and their work much easier.

It is also important not to bother them frequently asking them for a seat change or upgrade. If you face any issue, then you can explain them the issue and ask if they can help in any way.

#5 Don’t overlook entertainment

Do not ignore taking the necessary gadgets along with you to keep you entertained during the flight. If you have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, then do take it to keep yourself indulged in what you do. Also, collect movies that you wish to watch on Netflix during the flight. You can download these movies within the app on your iPad or other devices. Likewise, you can also take books that you like to read during the flight.

#6 Consider taking medications

If you have any medical issues or suffer from frequent headaches or migraines, then you should carry paracetamol, diclofenac, and melatonin, etc. to ease your journey.

#7 Use the airport app

Use an airport app to avoid queuing up for a long time. You can download the airline’s app to ensure your reservation is done and check-in easily. On using such an app, you can head straight to security as you reach the airport. Some airlines offer free onboard entertainment for passengers via personal devices through the apps.

#8 Say no to alcohol

These days, flights are cutting down on giving food and drinks to passengers. So, it is ways good to have a stash of food in your hand baggage. If you want to have inflight snacks, then you can opt for cheese crackers or sandwich to keep it simple. Especially, avoid consuming alcohol during the flight as it takes a toll on your body and makes it worse. Maybe, you can opt for a glass of champagne while you travel in business class.

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