Bose backs Denmark-based voice tech startup that aims to help 80% of world’s workforce with AI assistant

Bose backs Denmark-based voice tech startup that aims to help 80% of world’s workforce with AI assistant

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According to Denmark-based voice technology startup Whispr, out of all the employees in the world, 80% of them work on their feet, especially in fields like hospitality, transport, manufacturing, construction and more. Almost two and a half billion people are on their feet every single day.

To help them to get acquainted with the process, Whispr has developed a real-time interactive voice assistant platform that “whispers” guidelines and instructions to these frontline employees working across multiple industries.

Raises €666,495 funding

Now recently, the Copenhagen-based artificial intelligence (AI) voice guidance startup has closed a €666,495 pre-seed financing round led by Seedcamp, with participation from PreSeed Ventures, Futuristic VC, and audio tech giant Bose Ventures.

Whispr aims to use the new funding to improve its solution further and to hire additional staff at its offices in Dublin and Copenhagen.

Seedcamp, which was one of the investors inthe pre-seed financing round, is a leading early stage VC firm with close to 300 startups in its portfolio, which include Revolut, WeFox and Transferwise. Among the Irish companies it has supported are Pointy and Profitero.

On the other hand, Denmark’s PreSeed Ventures has backed more than 400 startups to date, including Trustpilot.

So how does it work?

Founded by Hugh O’Flanagan and Keith Saft just nine months ago, Whispr’s voice guidance app enables workers to do their jobs more efficiently and consistently. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, it literally whispers instructions and on-demand advice into workers’ ears, ensuring the right work – be it aircraft inspections, hotel room housekeeping or office cleaning – always gets done, and processes are adhered to.

Users can also interact verbally with the app to ask questions or seek additional information as and when needed.

O’Flanagan reportedly said Whispr is deliberately targeting more than two billion front-line employees who have been ignored when it comes to technology advancements.

“For 50 years, there has been virtually no improvement in bringing technology to frontline employees. We still haven’t figured out to help them do their jobs better. Whispr is changing that and bringing voice technology to empower the billions of underserved workers,” explained Hugh O’Flanagan, co-founder and CEO, Whispr, who spent over a decade working in frontline businesses. “Our technology adapts to humans, not the other way around. We are returning to the original and most natural ‘user interface’, which is voice.”

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