Dutch e-commerce scaleup Coolblue to deliver orders on bikes in Tilburg, aims to reduce customers’ wait time

Dutch e-commerce scaleup Coolblue to deliver orders on bikes in Tilburg, aims to reduce customers’ wait time

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Dutch e-commerce scaleup Coolblue has hit the headlines as it delivered the first package on a bike in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This move makes it the first large European e-commerce company to deliver packages by bike. Coolblue cycles in 7 major cities in Belgium and the Netherlands adding Tilburg to the list.

Founded by Pieter Zwart, Paul de Jong and Bart Kuijpers in 1999, Coolblue’s goal is to provide the very best customer service. This e-commerce retailer has raised a total of €140 million till date from investors led by HAL Investments.

CoolblueFiets is the e-commerce retailer’s own delivery service by bike. It aims to make the customers of Coolblue happy as they need not wait for long to receive the package. Customers placing an order with the Dutch e-commerce startup will get their orders the very next day. Exactly, fifteen minutes before the delivery time, they will receive an SMS.

Coolblue bikes in Tilburg

On Wednesday, the first delivery bikes left the upcoming Coolblue XXL store in Tilburg. In April, the new store will be opened at Piusplein in Tilburg. Customers can try out over 1,000 products from there. Also, they will get specialist advice, telephone repair, collection of online orders and direct after-sales service.

Regarding the delivery on bikes in Tilburg, Pieter Zwart, CEO of Coolblue said: “Your package is delivered with a smile by real Coolblue people. Anyone who orders a laptop, smartphone or headphones in the vicinity of Tilburg from today, for example, has a good chance that the next day a happy Coolblue’er with a pack bike is at the door. ”

Augmented Reality app

Earlier this year, Coolblue added an Augmented Reality feature to its app on both Android and iOS platforms. This functionality lets customers place a TV virtually in their room before they decide to purchase it. It also lets them test the product virtually in various formats. Its app supports English, Dutch and French.

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