These promising e-scooter startups are ready to take on the Netherlands in 2019 and beyond

These promising e-scooter startups are ready to take on the Netherlands in 2019 and beyond

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If you have walked down the streets of Amsterdam and other cities lately, you’ve definitely recognised electric scooters whizzing past you, and if not, they’re parked on the sidewalks. No one can deny the electric scooter frenzy is sky-rocketing and the demand for alternate energy is growing as days passes by.

The primary reason behind it is the very concept of basic builds, meaning a compact body, a small motor attached with the battery pack. Over time, without any doubt, these electric scooters have evolved into a significantly inexpensive, secure and dependable way of transportation for an enormous number of people.

In a shorter time span, the e-scooter markets have come a long way building a stable foundation. As per the latest report from DealRoom, the investment in micro-mobility startups exceeded €1 billion in 2018. Notably, the electric scooter craze began with Santa Monica-based Bird, which raised its Series-A in October 2017.

The report also mentions that consumers spend over $1.1 trillion a year on transportation. In this case, the developing cities are aiming to reduce traffic congestion and increase air quality in a bid to make cities remain liveable.

In this article, we have listed out the e-scooter and e-bike startups that are ready to rock the Netherlands in 2019 and beyond.

#1 Felyx

Based out of Amsterdam, felyx offers shared electric scooters that can be located and activated through an app and parked at any designated destination. This startup aims to solve current urban mobility issues and open up new opportunities for new technologies, sharing economy, and sustainability. There are more than 400 e-scooters available to use for only €0.30 per minute. At present, Felyx is operational in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Founded by Maarten Poot and Quinten Selhorst in 2016, felyx has raised a total of €4.1M in funding over 4 rounds with their latest funding from a Debt Financing round on July 2018.

#2 Dott

Founded by Henri Moissinac and Maxim Romain in 2018, Dott is on a mission to improve European city life. This startup offers dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes as convenient alternatives for short-distance travel. Dott has a most experienced team in mobility and tech in Europe. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Dott raised an initial investment of €20 million, co-led by EQT Ventures and Naspers.

#3 Etergo

Etergo (formerly Bolt Mobility) is an automotive company that develops AppScooter, an electric smart vehicle, also known as the ‘Dutch Tesla on Two Wheels’. Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse are the founders of Etergo and established it with a mission to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable energy and transportation.

According to Co-founder Bart, Bolt’s name needed to change due to legal reasons. This e-scooter has a 7-inch LED touchscreen display and a 60L storage space. It can accelerate up to 45kmph in less than four seconds and its battery can run up to 240 km.

This e-scooter has handlebar controls to take calls and stream music without pulling out the smartphone. It is the world’s first scooter to run Android apps. It has inbuilt GPS and access to 4G connectivity in its cockpit. It comes with electronically controlled locks. The ultimate purpose of this e-scooter is to minimize distractions while travelling.

Etergo has raised a total of €16.1M in funding over 4 rounds with the latest funding raised on Dec 18, 2018 from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

#4 Swheels2Go

SwheelS2Go is the electric scooter sharing platform effectively contributing to the environment by introducing sustainable, accessible, affordable, and reliable Urban-City-Solutions! Just like other e-scooters, it can be booked through SwheelS2Go app. The SwheelS2Go is equipped with a scan code which enables the user to unlock and start the e-scooter.

#5 Trikelet

Based out of Hilversum, Trikelet offers electric scooter can be used to ride to the railway station, the office, as last mile solution or just to get around. It is intuitive to ride and fold and fits under the seat of the train, subway or bus and in most of the luggage compartments. This electrically driven scooter has no local emission and noise, furthermore, the materials used to build this scooter can be recycled as well.

#6 Bird

Founded by former Uber and Lyft executive, Travis VanderZanden, this dockless electric scooter company is developing a vehicle sharing platform. This startup aims to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions. Moreover, it provides a fleet of electric, shared scooters that can be accessed via smartphone. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., and is rapidly expanding across the country and the world. Bird has raised a total of $415M in funding over 5 rounds with their latest funding on Jun 28, 2018, from a Series C round.

#7 Voi Technology

This e-scooter startup is developing a system of electrically powered scooters around urban centres to provide an affordable, sustainable way to commute while helping people to reduce their carbon footprint. Founded by Douglas Stark, Filip Lindvall and Fredrik Hjelm, Voi Technology has raised a total of $52.9M in funding over 2 rounds and the recent being is Series A round.

#8 Gigi electric Scooter

This Dutch startup teamed up with C10 Design & Development b.v, to develop an alternative to the folding bicycle. With this company, the focus is more on creating an easy-to-handle, lightweight, practical, smart and contemporary Li-ion battery powered folding scooter. Moreover, GiGi has protected its intellectual property with registered patents in Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, India and China.

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