This Dutch medtech company aims to set new standards in precision and robotic surgery

This Dutch medtech company aims to set new standards in precision and robotic surgery

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EIT Health, aescuvest, and Surge-on Medical hosted the launch of the first-ever European funding campaign on The motive of the event held at Berlin’s Charité Museum of Medical History recently is to scale and drive the Digital Health Innovation in Europe to the next level. Representatives from the healthcare industry, politics, media, venture capital firms, and startup companies were at the event highlighting their potential and further strengthening Europe’s position in the innovative and economically most important sectors.

Launches first healthcare financing campaign

aescuvest is the first pan-European crowdfunding platform, which specialises in the healthcare industry. Surge-on Medical, the Dutch medtech startup and EIT Health, the EU-funded network initiative launched the first-ever Europe-wide healthcare financing campaign via aescuvest.

aescuvest: An insight!

The aescuvest platform specialises in crowdinvesting across biotech, medtech, and digital health industries since 2018. This is the first crowfunding platform for healthcare companies seeking public venture capital funding in Europe. The platform is active in Austria since July 2019. As announced, it starts with Surge-on Medical and EIT Health, which has over 150 healthcare partners.

Surge-on Medical aims to raise €5M

Surge-on Medical aims to raise €5 million via platform. “The proceeds of the funding shall be used to accelerate the scaling of Surge-on Medical”, explained Benno Groosman, CEO and co-founder of Surge-on Medical B.V.

What does Surge-on Medical do?

Surge-on Medical, the Dutch startup co-founded by Benno Groosman is the rising star in the category of surgical instruments. The company is developing and selling quickly detachable, fully steerable, and easy to clean instruments for minimal invasive laparoscopy and arthroscopy. It is setting new surgery standards and aims to deliver better healthcare. Surge-on Medical uses cable-free technologies to create free-dimensionally movable instruments providing better access to surgical areas. With these instruments, the company replaces current fixed-angle instruments.

The company has received four international patents representing an advancement in minimally invasive instruments and improving current surgical techniques and making them efficient. With its engineers, the company is venturing into the future of remote-controlled robotics in the field of precision surgery. The reusable and modular instruments are all set to be connected to robots. These instruments are developed jointly by a dozen active surgeons. Its first commercialised product, The Steerable Punch, is approved by the Medical Ethical Committee as well as Instrument Sterlisation Department of the largest hospital in the Netherlands.

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