These 8 coolest startups disrupt electric mobility in Barcelona

These 8 coolest startups disrupt electric mobility in Barcelona

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Barcelona is an attractive city and one of the best places in the world. It is home to beautiful buildings, art galleries, and bustling restaurants. Besides the stunning landscape, the city has a diverse startup ecosystem as well. Those who live in Barcelona and work with these companies have to commute on a daily basis. And, there is a slew of affordable and comfortable options for them to choose from.

These days, electric vehicles have become a trend as many people choose such offerings that are convenient and environment-friendly. There are many local players in the electric mobility sector in Barcelona offerings, both rental and sharing schemes. These electric mobility startups have started disrupting the mobility ecosystem in the city.

In Barcelona, the electric mobility startups offer options including electric scooters, bicycles, and electric kick-scooters. Here, we have listed the coolest electric mobility startups operating in Barcelona below.


Founders: Timo Buetefisch
Funding: €10 million
Valuation: €40 million – €60 million
Founded year: 2016

Why its hot: eCooltra is one of the biggest dockless scooter sharing players in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Milan, Rome. You need to download the eCooltra app on your smartphone and upload your ID to unlock these scooters. It offers lower pricing starting from €0.26/min while the minimum monthly cost is €130. eCooltra was launched by cooltra, a monthly scooter rental company known in the electric mobility industry with 5000 bikes and 800,000 users in the app.

Donkey Republic

Founders: Alexander Frederiksen, Erdem Ovacik, Jens Kjærby Frandsen, Rune Kokholm
Funding: €7.2 million
Valuation: €16 million – €24 million
Founded year: 2014

Why its hot: Donkey Republic is a bike-sharing scheme, which works sans docks. You can pick these electric bikes from anywhere in the city based on the availability. To use these bikes, you should download the app, register an account, and unlock available bikes. The cost of using the bikes from Donkey Republic is €1.5 for less than 15 minutes and €5 for less than two hours.


Founders: Benjamin Viguier, Tim Ougeot, Yann Sander
Funding: €1.2 million
Valuation: €5 million – €7 million
Founded year: 2016

Why its hot: YEGO is a homegrown startup providing Vespa-styled scooters in a distinct green color. The startup operates in three European cities – two in Spain and one in France. You should sign up for the YEGO service and start booking electric scooters using the app. The minimum cost of this service is €0.25 per minute, and there is a reduction to €0.17 per minute.


Founders: Michael Keating
Funding: €500k
Valuation: $2 million – $3 million
Founded year: 2011

Why its hot: Scoot is an international electric scooter startup available in several cities including Barcelona, San Francisco, and Santiago de Chile. Scoot provides a range of bicycles, electric scooters and kick-scooters. In Barcelona, this service offers both scooters, and bicycles. The cost of e-bikes is €0.15 per minute while that of motos is €0.28 per minute.


Founders: Kiran Thomas, Pep Gomez
Founded year: 2018

Why its hot: Reby is an electric kick-scooter startup dominating the mobility market in Barcelona. This on-demand service lets users unlock available scooters from around the city via an app. The unlock cost is €1 per minute, and the cost of using these scooters is €0.15 per minute. Reby offers a lot of flexibility for users.


Founders: Guillermo Campoamor
Founded year: 2017

Why its hot: GOMEEP previously known as MEEP offers electric kick-scooters for a monthly fee of €39. Once you sign up for these electric kick-scooters, a GOMEEP agent will deliver a ready-to-go scooter along with a lick to your home within 48 hours. When there is a breakdown, the operator will send a team to fix the vehicle. You can cancel the subscription whenever you wish. Also, there is additional insurance for interested users.


Founders: Ivan Contreras, Rafael Contreras
Founded year: 2017

Why its hot: Muving focuses on offering electric scooters to commuters in Barcelona. The service operates across 11 Spanish cities including Madrid, it’s capital. It costs €0.25 per minute to unlock the Muving scooters.


Why its hot: Bicing offers easy-to-access docked bicycle-sharing service found at the Bicing docking stations. This service lets users sign up to the service for a minimum annual membership cost of €35. the electric bicycles on offer can be availed for €0.35 or €0.55 for the first 30 minutes of use.

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