These 7 European scaleups can handle your relocation like a piece of cake

These 7 European scaleups can handle your relocation like a piece of cake

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Are you in plans of moving to a new home? Well, it is a tedious process that needs high levels of organisational skills. It is a daunting task as you should place everything and arrange a moving service that will make the job relatively easier for you.

When you head to the internet to search for a moving service provider, you will come across numerous suggestions. But, with the emergence of technology, several startups have started using apps and platforms to make the process simple and efficient. These tech companies save a lot of time in helping you move to your new home.

Today, we have come up with a list of European scaleups that make relocation and moving to a new home easier and more convenient as listed by an entrepreneur turned mentor Omar Mohout on Twitter.

Movinga (Germany)

Founders: Bastian Knutzen, Chris Maslowski, Finn Age Haensel
Funding: €87.9 million
Valuation: €60 million – €90 million
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Berlin-based Movinga is one of the fastest growing online moving services. The company offers a user-friendly and transparent booking service online. Movinga’s platform lets you schedule your requirements within a few seconds. What’s interesting is that the company offers custom services as per the requirements of various users and delivers quality service within a reasonable cost.

Simply Move (France)

Founders: Eric Longuepee
Founded year: 2010

Why its hot: Simply Move is a pioneering moving and concierge service dedicated exclusively to clients of real estate professionals. This service is used by the largest real estate brands in France and is available in over 3500 agencies. By merging technology and expertise, Simply Move offers long-term customer support. It is helping real estate professionals serve their clients better resulting in customer loyalty. Also, these professionals save a huge sum of money spent on advertising.

Just Move In (UK)

Founders: Ross Nichols, Tom Old
Funding: €1.7 million
Valuation: €7 million – €10 million
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Bournemouth-based Just Move In combines automation and customer service to manage the moving process. It eases the process of moving to a new home by providing all services including switches the internet service and informing the new address to the council. Each client gets a personalised treatment with a range of recommendations including fitness trainers and cleaners.

ScanMovers (Netherlands)

Founders: Boyan Nijpels, Maurits Koopman
Funding: €1.3 million
Valuation: €3 million – €5 million
Founded year: 2016

Why its hot: ScanMovers is an Amsterdam-based mobile and online platform providing relocation services. It lets users compare and choose deals and get the best moving service without spending a huge sum. The platform works in collaboration with high-quality movers placing bids through its closed bidding system. ScanMovers provides transparency to a great extent.

Nextories (France)

Founders: Julien Bardet, Ludovic Auberger
Funding: €1.8 million
Founded year: 2011

Why its hot: Nextories also known as i-Demenager supports individuals and companies in their search for competitive and reliable movers. It selects the right one among its network of eligible movers. The company offers its customers an exclusive technical study via videoconferencing. With its transparency, research, and customisation, the company offers valuable service and has carried out over 15,000 moves.


Smooved (Belgium)

Founders: Nathan Coox, Laurens Vanpoucke
Founded year: 2018

Why its hot: Smooved takes the hassle involved in moving and lets you settle in your new home. is a free and online one-stop-shop for moving your home. It handles tasks such as terminating your existing utility contracts such as telecom, energy, water, etc. and subscribe to new ones. Also, it provides logistics to help shift your belongings. Smooved has teamed up with Belgium’s largest utility suppliers and is part of the incubators Start It @KBC and Birdhouse by Belfius.

Move24 (Germany)

Founders: Ante Krsnanac, Marcel Rangnow
Funding: €35.6 million
Valuation: €52 million – €78 million
Founded year:2015

Why its hot: Move24 is a Belgium-based relocation service, which handles all stages of the relocation process starting from planning to billing, The company handles services such as assembly and disassembly of furniture, storage, packing, and insurance. The company operating in four core European markets was acquired by Movinga, a similar scaleup in Belgium last year.

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