Looking for a job in Amsterdam? Here are 5 fast hiring tech companies

Looking for a job in Amsterdam? Here are 5 fast hiring tech companies

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At the time when tech is growing at a rapid pace, the Dutch startup ecosystem is one of the prominent ones in Europe. The Netherlands is offering a flourishing set up for tech companies for reasons including the open culture in the country, the number of expats and a strong focus on innovation among others.

In the Netherlands, many cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht encourage entrepreneurs to establish their companies. There are many investors, accelerators and incubators offering support to these companies. Undoubtedly, numerous Dutch tech companies are heading on to become potential unicorns.

Besides this, the thriving ecosystem has opened up a massive platform for those looking for a job. Well, here we list the fast-hiring tech companies in Amsterdam as sourced from Dealroom to help you.


Founders: Shay Banon
Valuation: $4.9 billion
Total Funding: €147 million
Founded year: 2012

Why its hot: Elastic is a search company operating with the intention to resolve the data problems that exist in the world with its products and solutions. Elastic has a wide clientele with organisations such as Goldman Sachs, eBay, NASA Cisco, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, Verizon, Wikipedia, and The New York Times using its products such as stock quotes, WordPress blogs, Twitter streams, etc.


Founders: Founders – Joris Beckers, Frederik Nieuwenhuys, Michiel Muller
Valuation: €400 million – €600 million
Total Funding: €100 million
Founded Year: 2015

Why its hot: Picnic is a Dutch online grocery delivery service, which uses electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. Customers will choose the ride best-suited for them and will be intimated half an hour before the delivery time. As the distribution method deployed by Picnic is inexpensive, the cost for the groceries is low. Also, there is free delivery of groceries, which makes it even more popular.


Founders: Jitse Groen
Valuation: €964 million
Total Funding: €86 million
Founded year: 2000

Why its hot: Dutch unicorn Takeaway.com is a leading online food delivery marketplace. It focuses on connecting customers and restaurants via its platform, thereby matching supply and demand. Takeaway.com operates across 10 countries in Europe and Israel. The restaurant partners of Takeaway.com deliver the food themselves as per the orders they receive. Recently, Just Eat and Takeaway joined hands to form the largest food delivery company.


Founders: Adriaan Mol, Robert Vis
Valuation: $240 million to $360 million
Total Funding: €54.7 million
Founded Year: 2011

Why its hot: MessageBird offers voice, SMS and chat solutions that let developers and enterprises communicate virtually with customers across the world. The Dutch cloud communications provider serves over 15,000 customers from fast-growing startups including Uber and enterprises including SAP and Lufthansa Airlines. A few months back, MessageBird announced a strategic partnership with SparkPost in an attempt to extend communication channels to businesses.

Kiadis Pharma

CEO: Arthur Lahr
Valuation: €110 million – €166 million
Funding: €52.6 million
Founded year: 1997

Why its hot: Kiadis Pharma is a Dutch biotech company with a highly experienced team of professionals. This company is committed to developing innovative and life-saving therapies for those who suffer from late-stage blood cancer. Patients who need transplantation, which is a vital unmet medical requirement also get benefited from Kiadis Pharma.

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