Unicorns in making: These Dutch startups could pass the billion-dollar mark in 2019

Unicorns in making: These Dutch startups could pass the billion-dollar mark in 2019

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When it comes to a business, the unicorns are private companies or startups with an estimated valuation of more than $1 billion. The reason is due to the fact that it could be named as a myth to be a startup company with a billion dollars profit.

As the days pass by, the Unicorn club is getting less exclusive. According to Forbes, there are around 258 unicorns at the moment with the majority of them residing in the US and China. In today’s article, we have jotted down the list of potential next Dutch unicorns of 2019 to watch out for.

Founders Picnic

#1 Picnic

Picnic is a new online supermarket, that delivers groceries for the lowest price to people’s home, without delivery costs. Founded by Frederik Nieuwenhuys, Joris Beckers, Michiel Muller in 2015, Picnic is the most sustainable supermarket with 100% electrical delivery vans and no food waste.

Picnic offers delivery services in Amersfoort, Almere, Leusden, Soest, Utrecht, Maarssen, Delft, Rijswijk, Voorschoten, Leidschendam, Veenendaal and Ede. The Amsterdam startup Picnic has raised a total of €100M in Series B funding round.

#2 Messagebird

Founded by Adriaan Mol and Robert Vis in 2011, MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that connects enterprises to their global customers. The company connects over 15,000 enterprises to their global customers via the fastest and most reliable SMS, Voice and Chat APIs in the world.

It has offices in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, London, Hamburg, and Shanghai. MessageBird has raised a total of $60.1M in funding over 2 rounds in a Series A round.

#3 Helloprint

Rotterdam-based Helloprint is Europe’s fastest growing online print platform with activities in over 10 European countries. Helloprint is privately owned by HS Invest Holding, DHG Holding, Munneke Holding and management.

Helloprint has raised a total of €3M in funding over 3 rounds from a Venture – Series Unknown round. It was founded by Hans Scheffer, Marco Geeratz, and Michael Heerkens in 2008.

#4 Catawiki

Based out of Amsterdam, Catawiki is an online catalogue and auction house for collectables. Founded by Marco Jansen, René Schoenmakers, the Catawiki hosts over 160 weekly auctions in categories such as comic books, coins, stamps, art, model trains, wine, vinyl records, jewellery, ceramics, books, and much more. Moreover, the Catawiki has raised a total of $94.8M in funding over 4 rounds.

#5 Bynder

Bynder is all about marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents and videos. Founded in 2013 by CEO Chris Hall, Bynder is established globally with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices across the Netherlands, UK, US, Spain and UAE.

Notably, more than 150,000 brand managers, marketers and creatives use Bynder’s brand portals every day. Bynder has raised a total of $22.2M in funding over 2 rounds.

#6 Protix Biosystem

Based in Dongen, the Netherlands, Protix is a biometrics company that offers a range of products which enable its customers to optimize their feed solutions.

Founded by Kees Aarts Protix Biosystems has raised a total of €45M in funding over 2 rounds. The company aims to rebalance the food system by producing high-quality and hygienic insect-based ingredients.

#7 Tiqets

The Amsterdam-based Tiqets is an innovative ticketing platform that’s revolutionised the way visitors find, buy and use tickets for museums and attractions.

Founded by Christiaan Solcer, Luuc Elzinga, Maarten Raaijmakers, Marijn Speelman, Robert Westers, the company wants to make life easy for savvy travellers to get into the world’s best museums and attractions. Tiqets has raised a total of $45.5M in funding over 6 rounds.

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